CSE Publication Certificate Program

CSE launched a certificate program in scholarly publication management in the spring of 2012. The course was devised in response to the rapidly changing scholarly publishing market, which is in a serious time of transformation with new technologies, a growing Internet-savvy customer base, and financial threats from library consolidation and open access mandates. Professionals working in this field must remain nimble and stay on top of all of these new developments. For professionals interested in making a career in scholarly publishing, the certificate program will provide a solid basis on the fundamentals as well as challenging them to creatively tackle emerging issues.

Applying for the program.

Applicants must be members of CSE. The application fee is $75. Once accepted into the program, participants will receive a 20% discount on related activities (webinars, conferences, short courses). Click here to apply.

Completing the program.

Participants must complete the following requirements:

  • Attend two CSE annual conferences over a three year period. Full registration is required.
  • Attend three CSE webinars over a three year period. At least two must be live and one may be recorded.
  • Attend two CSE short courses (choice of Publication Management, Journal Editors, Publication Metrics, or Publication Ethics) over a three year period.
  • After all attendance requirements are completed, the enrollee will propose a research project and prepare a poster presentation for the next available annual meeting. The project must include concepts learned throughout the certification program and tackle an emerging issue in scholarly publishing. Projects and posters will be judged by a panel established by the CSE Education Committee for completeness, after which the participant will submit a research paper based on the project to Science Editor.

Who Should Participate.

Anyone who works in scholarly publishing that is interested in rounding out their education and experience, connecting with others in the field, proving to their supervisors that they are serious about continuing their career in scholarly publishing, having a little extra to show when applying for new position or promotions.

Tracking your Participation

  • From the Members-Only Area click on Track CSE Publication Certificate Program Requirements
  • Click on Add Now
  • Fill out the form and click Submit Changes
  • Back on the Track CSE Publication Certificate Program Requirements page, click on Upload by the text - “Upload the verification form for the CSE Publication Certificate Program”
  • Browse to where the scanned copy of the verification form is saved on your computer
  • Choose the type of requirement it fulfills
  • Click on submit form


Sessions at the 2012 CSE Annual Meeting that were eligible for the CSE Publication Certificate Program:

01 - CSE/COPE Joint Session - Learning To Do the Right Thing: Educating Editors, Authors, and Reviewers in Publication Ethics
02 – Copyright Redux
05 - What to Include in Your Instructions to Authors
06 - Supplemental Information: Who’s Doing What and Why
11 - Coping with Retractions: What’s an Editor to Do?
10 - Cross Publisher Technology Solutions
14 - Publishing Technology 101
16 - Demystifying Scientific Misconduct Issues through Instructions to Authors
17 - What Would You do? What Should You Do? CSE Research Misconduct Survey Results
20 - Journals Production: Workflows, Efficiency, and Metrics
23 - Libraries and Librarians: A Changing Landscape
26 - Current State of Peer Review