CSE Membership Changes

Dear valued CSE member,

The board of directors recently approved some important changes that affect your membership in CSE. Currently, membership renewal is based on the date you joined the organization, your anniversary date. In order to accurately budget income and in response to member feedback, the board voted for an annual renewal schedule.

What does this mean?

An annual renewal membership is one that begins on the first of every year (January 1st) and expires the last day of the year (December 31st). This makes renewing your membership easier to remember and even easier for your institution or employer, if your membership is a cost they cover.

How does this affect me and my membership?

With the transition from an anniversary to an annual renewal membership, the effect is minimal. When you go to renew for 2015, your membership rate will be prorated to cover your membership through the rest of 2014, and will include the full year of 2015.

If your expiration date already falls in 2015, you will see this prorated extension when your current membership is up for renewal. For example, if your membership expires August 31, 2015, your membership dues will be prorated so that your membership will expire December 31, 2015.

To see what this means for you, click here to view a breakdown of the different one-time prorated rates to cover you through the rest of 2014/2015.

Why was this decision made?

It is always difficult to budget for membership dues income when it is received on a rotating basis. We have also heard from members that a set timeframe for dues renewal would help them in their budget planning for membership, meeting registration and other organizational activities. We hope that an annual date membership will help to streamline the renewal process for you.

As a CSE member, we want to be sure that this process is as smooth and effortless for you as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact the CSE office for any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach us at 720-881-6046 or via email at CSE@CouncilScienceEditors.org.

If you would like to renew now, you may do so online by clicking here, completing and returning the membership form, or calling the CSE office.

We appreciate and value your membership.


David Stumph
Executive Director
Council of Science Editors