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New Benefits for a Virtual Age

The Council of Science Editors (CSE) is a dynamic community of editorial professionals dedicated to the responsible and effective communication of science. Its mission is to serve editorial professionals in the sciences by creating a supportive network for career development, providing educational opportunities, and developing resources for identifying and implementing high-quality editorial practices.
The CSE Scholarship Program has been developed to support publishing professionals by sponsoring their attendance to the CSE Annual Meeting. In a typical year, up to three recipients would be awarded complimentary registration and travel reimbursement, up to $2,000. However, with the 2021 Annual Meeting being virtual, the scholarship program was also updated. This year, 46 submissions were received to be considered for the virtual scholarship package, which includes:
  • Complimentary registration to the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting (tentatively May 3-4, 2021)
  • Complimentary Worldwide Membership for 2021
  • Complimentary registration to participate in any one 2021 Virtual Short Course
  • A mentor paired through the CSE Mentorship Program
The quality of these submissions was the highest ever, making this a very difficult decision for the committee. After careful review, the committee narrowed its search down to six deserving individuals, all of whom are excited and passionate about increasing their knowledge and expertise in the scientific editing field. Congratulations to Simona Fernandes, Kevin Jewett, El-shama Nwoko, Katie Rogers, Kesiah Stoker, and Grace Taylor—the 2021 Council of Science Editors scholarship recipients!
Simona Fernandes
Team Lead – Special Projects, Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd‎
Simona Fernandes is an accomplished BELS-certified Editor with 4 years of ‎experience in scholarly publishing. Currently, she leads a team of talented copy editors and is ‎working on a project that deals exclusively with post-acceptance manuscripts. She specializes in ‎editorial quality management and in developing content and language management and ‎processing tools. She is dedicated toward creating informative material and training early career ‎professionals in STEM fields.
Kevin Jewett
Assistant Managing Editor, American Society for Radiation Oncology
Kevin is the assistant managing editor for the American Society for Radiation Oncology and has worked ‎in scholarly publishing for three years. In addition to facilitating the peer review and production ‎processes, Kevin also produces podcasts for the ASTRO journals. Kevin is originally from Oxford, Ohio; ‎he earned his bachelor’s degree studying wildlife biology at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana ‎and currently resides in Arlington, Virginia.
Nwoko El-shama
Editorial Assistant, African Journal of Laboratory Medicine
Nwoko El-shama has been an Editorial Assistant for the African Journal of Laboratory Medicine ‎for 4 years. She infrequently freelances while concurrently conducting her PhD research on ‎Pharmaceutical Microbiology, at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She considers scientific ‎editing as the convergence of her educational and research background in life science and her ‎love for high quality scientific publications. Outside of work and school, Nwoko loves ‎spending time with her family.‎
Katie Rogers
Community Engagement Administrator, American Society of Biologists ‎
Katie earned her Master’s degree in Horticultural Sciences at the University of Florida ‎where she studied citrus breeding and first became interested in plant science leadership, ‎teaching and science communication. She is currently the Community Engagement ‎Administrator for the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB). Her main role is to ‎support, nurture, and grow ASPB’s plant science community. She works primarily with ‎ASPB’s Member Services and Marketing teams to manage the Plantae Online ‎Community and coordinate ASPB digital communication channels. You can find Katie ‎on Twitter @ktlrogers.‎
Kesiah Stoker
Scientific Publishing Editor
Kesiah Stoker has 5 years of experience in scholarly publishing, including 2 years as a Scientific Publishing Editor at Canadian Science Publishing, where she copy edited and processed manuscripts. She has experience on a variety of projects, including implementing efficiencies in production workflow. Kesiah holds a Bachelor of Medical Sciences and a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Trials Management from the University of Western Ontario. She is looking forward to new opportunities in scholarly publishing.
Grace Taylor
Associate Editor, Technica Editorial Services
Grace grew up in Miami, Florida where she earned a B.A. in English, a B.A. in Asian ‎Studies, and an M.S. in Higher Education Administration from Florida International ‎University. In 2015, she earned her M.A. in English (Rhetoric and Composition) from NC ‎State University. Grace has experience in university administration, student affairs, teaching ‎first-year writing, and communications. As an Associate Editor at Technica Editorial ‎Services, she provides support for peer-review editorial offices, copyediting, proofreading, ‎and production. In her spare time, Grace enjoys playing board games, reading books and ‎comic books, and playing drums with her husband in their band.‎

The CSE Scholarship Program was developed to support editors and publishing professionals by sponsoring their attendance at the CSE annual meeting. The scholarship program will be open again in the fall of 2021.

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