CSE Publication Certificate Program for Associação Brasileira de Editores Científicos (ABEC-Brasil) Members

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Programa para Certificação em Publicação Científica [PDF]

The Council of Science Editors (CSE) launched a certificate program in scholarly publication management in the spring of 2012. The program was devised in response to the rapidly changing scholarly publishing market, which is in a serious time of transformation with new technologies, a growing Internet-savvy customer base, and financial threats from library consolidation and open access mandates. Professionals working in this field must remain nimble and stay on top of all of these new developments. For professionals interested in making a career in scholarly publishing, the CSE certificate program provides a solid basis on the fundamentals of publishing and a foundation to creatively tackle emerging issues. To learn more about the CSE Publication Certificate Program, follow this link.

CSE is proud to be partnering with Associação Brasileira de Editores Científicos (ABEC-Brasil) in offering the CSE Certificate Program to ABEC members. Through a Memorandum of Understanding between CSE and ABEC, we have created a new, hybrid program named ProCPC, providing benefits of the CSE Publication Certificate Program to the Brazilian scientific and publishing communities. Many of the requirements can be fulfilled in Brazil, resulting in great financial savings. CSE has certified the annual events of ABEC (ENEC and WEC) as sufficient for fulfilling one of the requirements (participation in events) for completion of ProCPC.

Who Should Participate

Anyone who works in scholarly publishing that is interested in rounding out their education and experience and connecting with others in the field should participate. Applicants must be members of either CSE or ABEC. The application fee is USD$75.  Applications must be completed in English. Click here to apply.

Completing the Program

After being admitted into the Program, participants must complete the following requirements within a five-year period.

  • Attend one CSE Annual Meeting (in USA) and two ABEC Meetings (ENEC and/or WEC, both in Brazil). Full registration for each conference is required.
  • Attend three CSE Webinars. At least two must be live and one may be recorded.
  • Attend two CSE Short Courses chosen between the ones offered at CSE Annual Meeting (USA) or the Minicursos ProCPC offered at ABEC Annual Meeting (Brazil). Available courses include the Short Course on Journal Metrics; Short Course on Ethics; Short Course on Publication Management; and Short Course for Journal Editors.
  • After all attendance requirements are completed, the enrollee must propose a research project of a research article or poster presentation. The project must include concepts learned throughout the certification program and address an emerging issue in scholarly publishing. Enrollees must follow these instructions for submitting a proposed project topic prior to beginning their research. Feedback will be provided on the project scope and once the concept has been approved, the enrollee may complete the research and submit the final project (poster or article) to the subcommittee. Enrollees may submit an unformatted poster at this point as changes may be requested. Once the final project has been submitted, it will be evaluated by the subcommittee, which will make a determination about whether more work is needed or the project is complete and passes the requirement.

Enrollees are encouraged to submit their final projects to either the CSE Annual Meeting or an ABEC Annual Meeting (posters) or Science Editor (research article). Note: Once the final project is approved by the CSE committee, the poster can be presented either at the CSE Annual Meeting or an ABEC Annual Meeting (ENEC and/or WEC). Regardless of the location, the poster must be in English. If the enrollee prefers to submit a paper to Science Editor, the manuscript must be in English and will be subject to the normal peer- review process of the journal. Acceptance in Science Editor is not required for successful completion.

Recognizing Graduates

CSE will present graduates with a certificate at the time that the program is completed. A formal presentation can be made at the CSE Annual Meeting or an ABEC Annual Meeting for graduates in attendance. The graduates will be announced in Science Editor and at the Awards Luncheon at the CSE Annual Meeting. A letter of congratulations that confirms the successful completion will be sent to the graduate and his or her direct supervisor.