CSE 2021 Annual Meeting

2021 CSE Virtual Annual Meeting
May 3-5, 2021

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Welcome from the 2021 Program Co-Chairs

As the 2021 CSE Annual Meeting co-chairs, we are excited and honored to give you the ‎first details about this year’s virtual event and encourage you to save the date for May 3 ‎to 5. Although we cannot meet in person in Minneapolis as originally planned, we have ‎fully embraced the positive aspects of a virtual event that will allow more colleagues to ‎access and engage with the educational content and programming that is the hallmark of ‎a CSE Annual Meeting. ‎

The theme for this year’s meeting is “Shaping Our Future by Embracing Adaptability.” ‎In the past year, each of us have had to increase our capacity to be flexible by adapting ‎to changing environments in the workplace, the scholarly publishing industry, and our ‎personal lives. The biological concept of adaptation showcases the importance of ‎embracing change to better face the realities of the world in which we now find ‎ourselves. The pace of change in our industry has accelerated rapidly in the last twelve ‎months, and the numerous innovative responses to those changes are more important ‎than ever. With the future before us looking evermore unpredictable, we can ‎take an active role in crafting the futures we want for ourselves by choosing to adapt. ‎

The chameleon, nature’s quintessential example of an organism using the power of ‎adaptation to survive and thrive, is this year’s annual meeting image. The ethos ‎symbolized by the chameleon will be underscored and celebrated throughout the ‎meeting’s content and programming. The 2021 Program Committee has been hard at ‎work using their creativity, time, and networks to create informative and engaging ‎sessions that exemplify this year’s theme. ‎

We invite you to join us in May as we come together as a community to learn from each ‎other, engage in productive discourse, and enjoy good (virtual) company. The future ‎will be shaped by our present actions, so let’s work together to ensure we are set up for ‎success for whatever the future holds. ‎

See you online May 3-5!‎

Emma Shumeyko & Brittany Swett
On behalf of the Program Committee