CSE Book Club

The CSE Book Club gives members a chance to interact in a more virtual setting while enjoying a book related to scientific editing/publishing. Through the Goodreads platform, CSE Book Club moderators will prompt and facilitate discussion with book club members, who are allowed to comment and further the discussion with other readers.

To join the CSE Book Club, visit the Goodreads website, create an account, and search for the Council of Science Editors Book Club. You will be required to request access to join.

The next book on the CSE Book Club list is Handmade: A Scientist’s Search for Meaning through Making by Anna Ploszajski. Reading  discussing will take place from September 1 to December 1, so create your Goodreads account and join today!

Have a good recommendation for a CSE Book Club book? Send your suggestions to the group moderators through the Goodreads group and have it added to our book list.

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Council of Science Editors Book Club
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