CSE 2015: Keynote & Plenary Addresses

We are excited to welcome G. Sayeed Choudhury & Clive Thompson as speakers at CSE 2015.

Keynote Address:
G. Sayeed Choudhury – The Research Data Revolution

ChoudhurySunday, May 17, 2015 @ 9:00 AM
The keynote speaker on Sunday will be G. Sayeed Choudhury. An engaging speaker and recipient of the 2012 Frederick G. Kilgour Award for Research in Library Technology, Choudhury is the Associate Dean for Research Data Management at the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University, Senior Presidential Fellow at the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR), principal investigator for the Data Conservancy, and a member of the ICPSR Council and DuraSpace Board.

His session is titled “The Research Data Revolution”:  Data are the basis of the articles we publish in our journals. The conservation and curation of those articles, issues, and volumes is a problem we have largely solved. However, data represent a new frontier for usthey are largely field- and instrument-specific, which means their sharing and conservation are a larger challenge. The amount of data is exploding every year. And funding bodies are beginning to suggest policies for data sharing and retention for their grantees. With these challenges, publishers have vast opportunities to help establish standards for curation, preservation, and reproducibility. With these opportunities, editors and publishers are tantalizingly poised to develop new tools and services to provide to contributors, libraries and grantors. Frequent speaker on this topic, Sayeed Choudhury will explore those challenges and opportunities that data represent for us.

Plenary Address:
Clive Thompson – The Future of Thought


Monday, May 18, 2015 @ 8:30 AM
The Monday program will feature plenary speaker Clive Thompson, a longtime contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine and a columnist for Wired. Thompson is one of the most prominent technology writers today, respected for doing deeply-reported, long-form magazine stories that get beyond headlines and harness the insights of science, literature, history and philosophy. He is the author of Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds For the Better.

His session is titled “The Future of Thought”: How are online communication tools changing the way people think? In this talk, Thompson will discuss his research into the new ways that everyday people learn about the world, form ideas, and share them. He’ll discuss the “audience effect”, how everyday “thinking out loud” changes the nature of our ideas, and how the new literacies of video and photography. This session is essential for anyone who wants to understand the way that science news travels and is discussed by today’s connected readers.