Short Course Offerings

In conjunction with the Fall Virtual Symposium, the Short Course for Manuscript Editors AND the Short Course on Publication Management will be offered! See below for pricing and preliminary schedule details. You can register for either or both using the Fall Virtual Symposium registration link. More details will be posted soon.

Participation in a Short Course will meet one of the requirements for the CSE Publication Certificate Program.

Pricing per Short Course
Members: $249
Non-members: $349
**If only registering for a Short Course(s), you do not get access to the Fall Virtual Symposium content. You must be registered for the Symposium to gain access to Symposium events.

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Friday, October 16 – 11:00am-4:15pm ET (breaks will be built into the schedule)
Short Course for Manuscript Editors
Course Coordinator: Peter J. Olson, KnoweldgeWorks Global Ltd.
Presentations include:
  • Microsoft Word Tips for Manuscript Editors (Elizabeth Blake, Inera)
  • Statistical Errors Even You Can Find (Tom Lang, Tom Lang Communications)
  • Editing References (Stacy Christiansen, JAMA)
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Scientific Editing (Annette Flanagin, JAMA and the JAMA Network)
This course is designed for manuscript editors and copyeditors who want to review the skills and tools required for mechanical and substantive editing of scientific/medical material. The course will include sessions on (1) editing references and their citations; (2) editing statistical presentations; (3) ethical and legal issues in scientific editing, and (4) Microsoft Word tips for manuscript editors.

Wednesday, October 21 – 11:00am-4:15pm ET (breaks will be built into the schedule)
Short Course on Publication Management
Course Coordinator: Jennifer Deyton, J&J Editorial

Presentations include:
  • Ethics in the Editorial Office: Tools and Guidelines for Daily Use (Elizabeth Blalock, Society for Investigative Dermatology)
  • The Managing Editor (Emilie Gunn, MPS, American Society of Clinical Oncology)
  • Journal Production & the Editorial Interface (Helen Atkins, American Chemical Society)
  • Pre- and Post-Publication Best Practices (Kelly Hadsell, BA, KWF Editorial)
This is designed to address the wide-ranging role of managing editors and publication managers as well as the daily challenges they face. This is the basic course for those newer to journal management. This year’s experienced faculty will reinforce efficient and effective methods for managing a journal by focusing on such topics as communications and personnel management, navigating relationships with EICs and Societies, peer review processes and tools, journal production workflow, essential metrics, ethical best practices, and effective leadership. Attendees are encouraged to bring specific questions from their own experience for discussion by faculty and other attendees. Active participation and exchange of ideas are encouraged.