Webinar: Global Publishing Considerations and Implementation Strategies

Scholarly publishing is a global endeavor and requires immense coordination and collaboration. There is not a one-size-fits-all model, but we have asked the experts to share their insights to maximize the effectiveness of global publishing. Our first speaker, Rebecca (Becs) Kirk of PLOS, will discuss best practices for ensuring international representation on journals and co-creation of new journals, identifying regional partnerships, and developing new journal business models to support a sustainable global publishing ecosystem in her talk, “Not us, not them, but WE: Reimagining Global Publishing Strategies through Global/Local Collaboration”. Following Becs, Ruben Kramers will share his presentation, “Consumable Content: Standardization as a Stepping Stone” as he discusses the importance of standardization as a shared responsibility, accessibility as an intermediate step, and how to leverage technology to increase impact.


  • Rebecca (Becs) Kirk, PLOS
  • Ruben Kramers, Springer Nature Publishers
  • Carlos Toros


Kristin S. Inman, PhD, ELS, Environmental Health Perspectives, NIEHS



Rebecca (Becs) Kirk – Publisher, Portfolio Development

After completing a post-doc in structural biology, Rebecca relocated to the UK and transitioned into scholarly publishing in an editorial role. Working at Springer Nature, she worked in Reviews editorial, and then in the Open Access division in leadership roles at Nature Communications and the Nature Partner Journals. Having moved to PLOS in 2019, she is now responsible for the development of new journals and products, supporting the growth of the existing journal portfolio to expand PLOS’ global presence, and ensuring that the portfolio adds value for the global research community. Starting in June 2022, she also serves as a co-Chair for the SSP DEIA committee.

Ruben Kramers, Director Production Quality Assurance

For over two decades, Ruben has worked on the production side of scholarly publishing, from managing orders in a warehouse to overseeing book and journal production processes across the Springer Nature landscape. Along the way he has experience and helped guide pivotal strategy decisions driven by changes in the customer base, the automation landscape, and author expectations. He is currently involved in endeavors related to typesetting automation and finding the right balance between customer service and self-service.

Date: August 25
Time: 11am ET/8am PT
Location: Virtual
Price: Free