CSE Membership Categories
By joining CSE or renewing your CSE membership in 2021, you are showing your commitment to CSE’s mission to serve the science editing community by providing members with a network for career development, educational opportunities, and resources for identifying and implementing high-quality editorial practices.

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Worldwide Member ($215/yr)
Membership includes full voting privileges for members anywhere in the world.

*CSE’s 2021 Special Membership Package – Worldwide Flexible Member ($159/yr)
CSE is offering the CSE 2021 Special Membership Package at $159 to new and renewing members in response to the unusual environment that science editors are operating in. Editors may participate in CSE as a Worldwide Member with some of the special pricing discounts for meetings, events, and webinars. The special pricing offers flexibility so editors may join or renew CSE membership through unanticipated circumstances.

This special CSE membership package provides:
– eligibility to vote, run for office, and serve on CSE committees
– full Worldwide Membership discount to attend the CSE annual meeting
– 10% discount on all other paid CSE events, webinars, and educational offerings
– online-only access to Science Editor

Join as a CSE Worldwide Flexible Member with special membership package.

Worldwide Student Member ($25/yr)
Open to full-time students only; copy of enrollment certificate or student ID required with application form. Enjoy the benefits of a worldwide membership* plus two free webinars per year.
*Student members are not eligible to hold CSE office and receive digital-only access to Science Editor.

Emeritus Member ($85/yr)
Available to any member aged 65 years or older and will include all the benefits of FULL membership. (Must be an existing member of The Council of Science Editors immediately prior to becoming an Emeritus Member.)

Digital Associate ($75/yr)
Digital Associate membership provides online-only access to Science Editor, member discount on webinar registration, access to online resources, and ability to serve on committees and vote. Digital Associate membership does not provide discounts to the annual meeting or short courses. U.S. residents are ineligible for this membership.

Developing Country Member ($50/yr)
Available to any individual who resides in a developing country, as defined by inclusion in Band 1 or Band 2 of the current HINARI list, is eligible for this level of membership. Membership includes full voting privileges and subscription to the Science Editor (electronic version only).

Group Memberships
Any organization, publication, or society interested in supporting the purposes and mission of the Council is eligible. All individual members of the group membership will receive the same benefits as a Worldwide Member. Click here to see the Group Memberships Definitions.

Council Contributor (up to 5 members) – $1,040/yr
Council Contributor II (6-10 members) – $2,070/yr
Council Supporter (11-15 members) – $3,125/yr
Council Supporter II (16-25 members) – $4,300/yr

View matrix of CSE’s group memberships.

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