Year: 2021

November 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues, In the hustle and bustle ahead of the CSE Fall Symposium and my own organization’s annual ‎meeting, I neglected to draft an October president’s letter. Please forgive me and let this ‎message stand in for two. This year’s fall symposium, our second iteration of this virtual event, was very different from the […]

September 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues, CSE’s Fall 2021 Virtual Symposium is a few short weeks away. This year, our Program Committee, led by co-chairs Kelly Hadsell and Heather Staines, has developed a special two-day event you won’t want to miss. Each day will offer in-depth explorations of critical and timely topics in our field. On Monday, November […]

August 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues, I don’t really know what a beach read is supposed to be except perhaps reading material you’re willing to get wet and fill with sand, but Labor Day is upon us, and the season of frivolous beach reading is nearly done. Fall means back-to-school, and although the transition may be different (and […]

July 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues, I truly don’t know where July went. I think of this time of year as being slower, with ‎editors and authors on vacation and some meeting-free days to step away from the ‎collective frenzy and let the mind wander, be creative, and practice monotasking (Just ‎one thing at a time? Gasp!). The […]

June 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues, For those of us in the US mid-Atlantic region and parts of the Midwest, the past few weeks have been filled with the buzzing alien sounds of Brood X cicadas, also known as the Great Eastern Brood, who emerged this spring after 17 years underground. The sound of trillions of cicadas singing […]

May 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues, I hope you are all well and were able to participate in CSE’s Virtual Annual Meeting a ‎few weeks ago. I’d like to reiterate here what I said at the business meeting: It has been a ‎true pleasure to work with Past President Carissa Gilman over the last year. As a leader, […]

April 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues, Next week is our annual meeting, which is the culmination of a year of planning and hard work by our ‎Program Committee, led by co-chairs Emma Shumeyko and Brittany Swett. Emma, Brittany, and I ‎spent a lot of time discussing the theme of this year’s meeting. We wanted to keep it positive […]

March 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues, Earlier today I went to a mass vaccination site to get my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. While I was ‎waiting in line for my number to be called, I kept thinking back to my first letter to you as CSE president, ‎when I wrote, “I remain optimistic about the power […]

January 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues, Many of us have been anticipating this new year for so long that it is hard to believe it is finally here. We ‎are weary from uncertainty, worry, anger, and loss. And, unfortunately, this year did not get off to the ‎auspicious start many of us might have hoped. Instead, we find […]