April 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues,

Carissa Gilman, CSE President

Next week is our annual meeting, which is the culmination of a year of planning and hard work by our ‎Program Committee, led by co-chairs Emma Shumeyko and Brittany Swett. Emma, Brittany, and I ‎spent a lot of time discussing the theme of this year’s meeting. We wanted to keep it positive while ‎still acknowledging that this has been a time of loss, suffering, and uncertainty. We hoped to focus on ‎the agility and resilience that so many people have demonstrated during this strange period. That ‎ability to adapt during periods of novel change is what makes us successful as a species. That is the ‎truth we hope to convey with our meeting theme, Shaping Our Future by Embracing Adaptability.‎

In keeping with that theme, over the last year, the Board of Directors, committee chairs, committee ‎members, and Task Forces have all worked to adapt to the shifting needs of our members. We have ‎offered new networking opportunities such as CSE Connect, created a new membership type for ‎those hard hit by the economic realities of the pandemic, launched a new meeting format with the Fall ‎Symposium, and found new ways for members to engage with the annual meeting, reducing some barriers for those previously unable to participate. I hope you have found benefit in these opportunities to connect, ‎share, and learn.‎

My presidential term will end next week. My father always used to say, “in a multitude of counselors ‎there is wisdom.” I want to offer my thanks to everyone who has offered me wise counsel during this ‎last year, with particular acknowledgement to Past President Dana Compton, incoming President Mary ‎Billingsley, and incoming President-Elect Jennifer Deyton. Besides joining weekly calls with me, they ‎have always been available as sounding boards when I needed advice or another perspective. They ‎took time away from their busy jobs and families to lend me their experience and expertise, and I am ‎grateful for their support and friendship.

‎In addition, I want to thank Emma and Brittany, who have worked many long hours and done such a ‎fantastic job planning this annual meeting. I am thrilled with the program we have put together and ‎cannot wait until next week. I also want to acknowledge Brit Stamey, who as Short Course ‎Subcommittee Chair not only converted our existing short courses to a virtual format but has also ‎worked to create our new Short Course on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to be offered on May 6.‎

In addition to the Short Courses, the Education Committee recently welcomed many new members ‎and is actively engaged in developing various other types of educational content, include new webinar ‎topics, under Randy Townsend’s leadership. The Education Committee is also creating a “journal club” ‎to share and discuss recent and relevant articles about scholarly publishing as well as a new advice ‎column in Science Editor called “Dear Athena”. Are you looking for advice on a work-related issue? ‎Submit a summary of your problem to Jennifer Regala (Jregala@auanet.org) in the form of a letter to ‎‎“Athena” and check back in Science Editor and on the CSE website for solutions to your problem.

I hope to see many of you during the annual meeting next week. Thank you for being part of our ‎community and for your continued engagement with CSE.‎

Welcome to the Newest Members of CSE!

Suhny Abbara
Alita Anderson
Allie Boman
Aislinn Boyter
Sharon Breske
Casey Buchta
Rachel Cook
Clara Fowler
Michelle Gehring
Sindoorha Bhargavi
Adria Gottesman-Davis
Michael Hardesty
Mahmoud Helmy Hussein
Irene Nudd
Daniele Oliveira
Mazahir Raza
James Reynolds
Laura Riordan
Kat Rodenhizer
Pascale Salvatore
Elena Scotti
Sabrina Scull
Julio Serrano
Kristen Swendsrud
Roy Winkler
Debra Zoellner

CSE Members Celebrating Anniversaries!

Each month, CSE will recognize its members celebrating a milestone anniversary. We are grateful for your continued involvement in our Council!

5 Years of Membership
Judy Busnarda
Sylvia Cuadrado
Travis Griffin
Ashley Ketelhut
Joshua Lancette
Elizabeth Ralls

10 Years of Membership
Bryan Hamman
Deborah Moskowitz

15 Years of Membership
Sonja Krane