August 2010

Dear CSE Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

This monthly e-message is one way we hope to keep you informed about Council of Science Editor Activities. Remember, if you have comments or suggestions related to CSE activities, please contact me at

Here’s what’s happening:

CSE Secretary

I am pleased to announce that the CSE Board has appointed Pam Erickson as the new CSE Secretary. Rebecca Benner, our previous Secretary, vacated this position to become the editor of Science Editor, necessitating an interim appointment by the Board until the next CSE election. Pam is a dedicated CSE member whose day job is Medical Communications Lead in Global Medical Communications at Eli Lilly and Company. Please join me in welcoming Pam to this CSE leadership role.

2011 CSE Annual Meeting: Program Committee

If you have suggestions for workshop topics, the Program Committee Co-Chairs, Mary Beth Schaeffer ( and Glenn Landis (, are eager to hear from you.

CSE Web Site Committee

With increased technical support from CSE’s new management staff, volunteers will now be able to focus on updating current content and adding new content to the site. The CSE Board approved the following updated description and charge of the Web Committee:

Web Committee


The Web Committee consists of a chair, vice chair, and 4 to 8 other members. Members serve staggered terms to ensure continuity. The chairs of the Administration, Editorial Policy, Education, Membership, Program, and Publications Committees serve as ex officio members of the Web Committee, as does the Editor of Science Editor.


The Web Committee is responsible for monitoring, editing, and updating web content on an ongoing basis and in conjunction with Resource Center technical staff.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

• Providing frequent reports to the CSE Board of Directors and working with the Board to accomplish the editorial activities surrounding the Web site.
• Tracking analytics and developing strategies for driving users to the CSE Web site.
• Interacting with the Social Media Subcommittee to promote the Web site via social media tools.
• Working with the editor of Science Editor to upload content on the Web site.
• Brainstorming ideas for new content and functionality on the Web site, in accordance with CSE’s mission and strategic vision.
• Guiding the design and appearance of the Web site.
• Creating editorial policies that will guide the healthy development of CSE’s Web site.
• Ensuring timely updating of CSE’s Web site.
• Responding to requests from the CSE Board of Directors for adding information to the Web site.
• Receiving and replying to e-mail concerning the Web site content and policies.

If you are interested being the Chair or a member of the new Web Site Committee, please send an e-mail to CSE’s Executive Director, David Stumph at

Research in Science Editor

Science Editor aims to encourage and disseminate evidence-based research about peer review in science and biomedicine and to provide an international discussion forum for editors, editorial staff, publishers, scientists, and other professionals in the field of science communication. To reach these goals, the editor is seeking the submission of research on peer review, editorial processes, and ethics. In addition, the publication is looking for potential peer reviewers.

If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer, please send an e-mail to the editor, Rebecca Benner (, with your name, contact information, and area(s) of expertise. Manuscripts may be submitted to the same e-mail address.

CSE International Scholarships

The Council of Science Editors International Scholarship Program provides support for editors from developing nations to attend CSE Annual Meetings. Several scholarships will be offered to CSE’s 2011 Annual Meeting in Baltimore.  The scholarships are intended for editors in developing countries who contribute to the editorial content of journals in the sciences, medicine, or health care. Applications from others who work in the field of scientific publications will also be considered. Recipients of the 2011 CSE International Scholarships will participate in a session during the annual meeting and may be asked to write a summary of their experience for possible publication in the CSE journal Science Editor.

A full scholarship–approximately $3,500–will cover conference registration, room and board, and travel expenses. However, contributions of any amount are most welcome. For planning purposes, we are requesting that donations be made by not later than October 1, 2010. For more information or to donate online.

For eligibility requirements and to apply for a scholarship, please go to here.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in Baltimore.

Angela Cochran

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Christine Laine, CSE President