August 2014

CSE Members, a couple of weeks ago I was doing some research for an upcoming talk and started looking at past issues of Science Editor and CBE Views on the CSE website. Since we host PDFs online back to 1997, there was access to a lot of content and it was interesting to scan through the article titles to see what the hot topics were 10 or 15 years back. On one hand, some of the technology issues sounded like they were from another century (some of them were, of course). On the other hand, it was clear that editors continue to grapple with the same issues now as they did a decade or more ago. Research integrity, authorship, plagiarism, communicating science to the public, conflict of interest, and the day-to-day mechanics of editing are as relevant in 2014 as they were in 1997.

Sometime later I was thinking about the connection between my time-traveling through Science Editor and CBE Views and the member survey that I recently filled out. While each question on the survey seeks to tease out details critical to our upcoming strategic planning in the fall, all of them are part of one large question: Are we fulfilling our mission? Peer-to-peer, are we helping each other deal with the continuing issues of emerging technology, ethics, presentation of science, or whatever other adventures we encounter on the journey? Whether we’re talking about CBE in 1997 or CSE in 2014, our mission as an organization has been to serve editorial professionals in the sciences by creating a supportive network for career development, providing educational opportunities, and developing resources for identifying and implementing high-quality editorial practices. How are we doing?

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll find a few minutes in your busy schedule to complete your member survey and participate in the process to move our organization forward – and keep it true to its mission.

2015 CSE Annual Meeting Topics & Speakers

The 2015 Program Committee has officially met and is hard at work planning next year’s Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, May 15-18, 2015. What are your burning industry questions? Who would give a compelling talk? Send your session and speaker ideas to the co-chairs, Anna Jester or Sarah Tegen. All thoughts are appreciated!

Call for Research Committee Members

The CSE Research Committee is looking for new members. The committee promotes informed editorial decision making and the importance of research on the topic of scientific publishing through sessions at the CSE Annual Meeting, including the poster session, and through articles in Science Editor. If you have an interest in editorial research and would like to join the committee, please contact Mary Warner, Committee Chair, at

New! CSE Industry Calendar

The CSE website has a new feature to help you stay up to date on events related to scientific editing and publishing. The Industry Calendar can be found here or you can find by selecting it from the drop-down list under Events on the CSE homepage. If you have an item of interest to CSE members that you would like to get listed on the calendar, click on the “Submit an Event” link to access the online submission form.

CSE Web Resources

If visiting the CSE website is not already a part of your regular online activity, you might not be aware that the new design has made a couple of valuable resources available with a simple click:

  • Recent Job Postings – This widget gives users access to a frequently updated list of jobs targeted to the skill sets and experience of CSE members. It also allows members to post jobs, and provides a suite of tools for job seekers, including resumé posting and job alerts.
  • Twitter Feed – While you’re on the site, catch the latest CSE tweet displayed at the bottom right hand of the screen or click on the hash tag to link out to a full discussion of the topic on the CSE Twitter Feed.

headshot-crossBest to all,
signature-crossTim Cross, CSE President