February 2013

Dear CSE Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

Have you checked out the CSE LinkedIn page? This is a great way to network electronically, to post questions and start discussions with colleagues. A recent string on that site brought up an important topic: “The value and importance of scholarly publishing (vs. conferences) in the success and advancement of individuals, societies, and the science they represent.”

There are some excellent points made in that discussion which I encourage you to peruse, but it makes me think in a broad sense about the CSE Annual Meetings. Clearly they are a focal point of our year, as well they should be with the outstanding short courses, sessions, speakers, and the unmatched opportunity for professionals in the publishing field to interact and network under the same roof. For all of those reasons I am anticipating our meeting in Montreal in early May with great anticipation and excitement, as I hope that all of you are as well.   However, the Annual Meeting is but a part of CSE; CSE is not simply the Annual Meeting. The Board has been in active discussions about how to make CSE membership a 12-month experience, with more activities such as Webinars, mentorships, smaller gatherings, etc., keeping us connected throughout the year. Don’t forget  Science Editor, the excellent flagship journal of CSE that is presently a quarterly journal. Our jobs and careers span 12 months a year, and our involvement with the Council should follow suit.   Do you have any ideas about how we might achieve this objective?   Send them to me  and I will take them to the Board. I hope you fill up my mailbox with suggestions!

Here’s what’s happening:

CSE 2013 Annual Conference

CSE Annual Meeting
Communicate Science Effectively:  The World Depends On It!
May 3 – 6, 2013

Annual Meeting Poster Presentation Submissions

Have you noticed some interesting or disturbing trends in your publications, do you have insightful survey data, do you have a research question about science publishing that you can put to the test? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to prepare a poster for the 2013 CSE Annual Meeting or for future CSE meetings. And don’t forget that a research project is a requirement for the new CSE Certificate in Publication Management.

CSE members and meeting attendees are encouraged to submit abstracts describing their editorial research for presentation in the CSE 2013 Poster Session. Content must be original and individuals submitting abstracts must ensure that they will be able to attend the CSE meeting should their poster be accepted. Abstracts for posters will be reviewed by the CSE Research Committee, blinded to the identity of the presenter. Submitters will be notified whether their poster has been selected by April 1, 2013.

Please submit your abstracts by March 1, 2013 for review by going here. For further information, please contact Mary Warner, Research Committee chair.

Call for CSE Awards Nominations

Each year CSE recognizes important contributors to scientific journalism and to CSE. Three award categories are described below. The Awards Committee welcomes your suggestions for candidates for these awards. Learn more about the awards and submit your suggestions by clicking here.

* CSE Award for Meritorious Achievement:  This is CSE’s highest award. The award honors those who have made significant contributions to CSE’s mission to improve scientific communication through the pursuit of high standards in all activities connected with scientific editing. The recipient should be a person or institution that the CSE membership will readily recognize as closely embracing the purposes of CSE and a symbol of what CSE stands for, but need not be a member of CSE.

* CSE Distinguished Service Award:  This award recognizes excellence in the performance of specific tasks by CSE members. Recipients must be CSE members in good standing who have made outstanding contributions to CSE. Recipients must be present at the annual meeting to receive their certificates.

* Certificate of Appreciation:  The CSE Certificate of Appreciation is given to one or more CSE members who have made a laudable contribution to CSE in recent years.

Make Your Reservations Now at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel:

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel welcomes you to the heart of romantic and cosmopolitan Montréal where French and English meet.  The hotel offers guests outstanding comfort and attentive service.  When arranging hotel accommodations, please indicate that you are attending the CSE Annual Meeting to receive the negotiated rate of $189 Canadian plus tax per night for single/double occupancy.

Book your room online now at the CSE group rate of $189 Canadian!

Value of Education: The CSE Certificate Program

Continuing Education is not only important but is required in many fields. CSE is committed to offering educational opportunities for professionals in scholarly publishing. Many of you have attended webinars or taken a short course. Why not take the next step and achieve a Publication Certificate? Benefits of the certificate program include:

  • Discounts on webinars, short courses and conference attendance.
  • An accomplishment to add to your resume giving you an edge over others.
  • Assignment of a seasoned professional to mentor you through the program and beyond.
  • Opportunities to network with others in the field.
  • A commitment from your supervisor to support your continuing education.

Make sure you sign up for the Publication Certificate program before you register for the Annual Meeting in May to take advantage of the discounts and connections. For more information, click here.

Every Problem Has A Solution (and Science Editor has Solution Corner)

We’ve all been presented with challenges and problems in our professional lives as editors and writers. Solution Corner is an occasional column in Science Editor that provides a forum for expressing problematic situations and drawing on the knowledge of colleagues to obtain helpful solutions. The column depends on input from CSE members, so please drop an email to the Solution Center and we will publish your question/dilemma and we’ll find the experts to weigh in on it and publish the answers for the benefit of CSE members.

Join the Discussion—What Questions Do You Have for Science Editors?

CSE runs a robust 1000-plus follower Twitter feed, a Facebook fan page with over 2800 “likes,” and a 500-plus member LinkedIn Group where many issues faced by science editors are regularly discussed.

Got a question for CSE members? Write it on our wall, send us a note, or start a discussion. We’d love to hear from you. Join us on these networks and receive routine updates on CSE, and find other information that can enhance your professional development. Read how…

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