February 2014

CSE Members, with the wild winter that has plagued us for seemingly way too long, I can honestly say that spring cannot get here soon enough.

But for more of a reason than just better weather, the CSE Annual Meeting is entering the final stages of program development and the schedule will be made public soon. We are very proud of the caliber of content that has been organized by the Program Committee, and we know it will be one of the best Meetings CSE has put on. Also, read on for this year’s scholarship winners, who will be joining us this year!

Keep your parkas handy a little while longer, and we’ll see you in sunny, warm San Antonio, Texas, May 2-5!

2014 CSE Scholarship Program: Announcement of Recipients

This year, the CSE Membership Committee received a record 82 submissions for three scholarships to attend the Annual Meeting complimentary. After careful review, the committee was able to narrow its search down to three deserving individuals, all who are excited and passionate about increasing their knowledge and expertise in the scientific editing field. Congratulations to Erin Russell, Kimberly Rosenfield, and Silvia Buntinx, your 2014 Council of Science Editor scholarship recipients!

Erin Russell, Assistant Editor, Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)
Erin Russell joined the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) as an editorial intern in October 2012, while she was a graduate student at the University of Ottawa. She is currently spearheading a peer review mentorship pilot program at the CMAJ to help engage the next generation of peer reviewers, as one of her biggest interests in scientific editing is improving referee engagement and the quality of peer review comments. In addition to being a member of the CSE, she is also engaged an engaged member of the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) and the Canadian Society of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CSEB).

Kimberly Rosenfield, Manuscript Coordinator, The Endocrine Society
Kimberly Rosenfield is currently a Manuscript Coordinator in The Endocrine Society’s publication department, and helps manage the peer-review and submission process for two of the society’s six journals. She received her Bachelor of Arts in History from Purdue University in 2008, and her Master of Arts in American History from George Washington University in 2010. One of the reasons Kimberly is excited to attend this year’s CSE Annual Meeting is so she can learn more about the rise of developing countries’ participation in scholarly publishing.

Silvia Elaine Buntinx, Head, Department of Publications, Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Silvia Elaine Buntinx is a Professor in the Department of Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry, and teaches the undergraduate course of Animal Feeds and Feeding and graduate courses of Digestive Physiology of Animals. Silvia is a newcomer to scientific publishing, as her Dean appointed her head of the Department of Publications in July 2012. Since that time, she has managed to put order to the very chaotic school’s publications. She has also restored her school’s scientific journal, Revista Veterinaria México, which was re-launched in January of this year.
The CSE Scholarship Program was developed to support editors and publishing professionals by sponsoring their attendance to the CSE Annual Meeting. The Scholarship Program will be open again in the Fall 2014. Please look to the website for more details.

2014 CSE Board of Directors Election

CSE’s mission is to serve editorial professionals in the sciences by providing a supportive network for career development, providing educational opportunities, and developing resources for identifying and implementing high-quality editorial practices.

As a member of CSE, you have a voice in how CSE accomplishes its mission. Please make your voice heard by casting your ballot to elect the newest members of the CSE Board of Directors.

This year, we will be electing a Vice President, a Treasurer-Elect, and a Director who will join the board in May at the 2014 Annual Meeting. Below is a complete list of all of the candidates. You may click here to be directed to each of their vision statements and biographical information to make an informed vote.

In order to vote, you must log in to the “Members Only” section of the CSE website by clicking here. You will need your login and password. You may click on the “Forgot Your Password” link to obtain that information, or contact CSE at CSE@councilscienceeditors.org or (720) 881-6046 with questions. When voting, you will be asked for your first and last name to validate your CSE membership and ballot. Names are kept separate from the votes, however.

Voting will close Friday, March 14, 2014. Thank you for your vote!

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Heather Goodell, CSE President