January 2015

CSE Members, Maybe it’s the cold weather and darkness of winter in my part of the world, or the promise of a new year, but this always seems to be a season for musing.

The recent vote on our new vision and mission statements got me thinking about the concept of member engagement.

The updated statements were approved. What does this mean for CSE?

I’m sure for many people the whole idea of parsing vision and mission language prompts a big yawn. Too often it can end up as a boring intellectual exercise that rarely resembles what’s happening on the ground.

From my perspective, I look at these statements as signposts or direction markers. I see them as critical reference points that guide decision-making. Does some new proposal or project fit our mission? Is there some cognitive dissonance between what we imagine ourselves to be and where we actually place our efforts? Are we being true to the spirit and tradition of the organization? Are we in alignment?

These are important questions to ask. But my sense is that most CSE members would rather get down to doing things instead of talking about it. We would prefer building peer relationships and sharing resources in real time to an abstract discussion about the value of networking. We would rather design materials for a short course or find a compelling speaker for a meeting session than iterate the nuances of our educational vision.

And that’s the real member engagement. That’s how we fulfill our mission and realize our vision. We are an organization of “doers.”  We are a community of people who get things done

Committee Spotlight: Marketing


Co-Chairs: Byron Laws, Jennifer Deyton

The CSE Marketing Committee (MarCom) was formed in early 2014, following a task force recommendation.

With a mandate to increase visibility and awareness of CSE, its members and programs, MarCom has been involved in numerous activities thus far, including

  • Engaging volunteers who represent the full spectrum of CSE membership: scientific publishers, editorial professionals, publishing service providers, early career and international professionals
  • Assigning volunteers as liaisons to all other CSE committees, so that MarCom can be available as a resource across the council
  • Creating and implementing a marketing campaign for the CSE Scholarship Program
  • Creating and implementing a marketing campaign supporting the release of the 8th edition of Scientific Style and Format with collaboration between CSE and the University of Chicago Press
  • Beginning efforts in the areas of international outreach and member retention
  • Managing an ongoing social media campaign via CSE profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Creating and implementing a survey aimed at more fully engaging early career professionals as CSE committee volunteers
  • Holding monthly calls to coordinate marketing activities

CSE MarCom continues to look at other ways we can be useful to the council in getting the good word out about CSE as broadly as possible to strengthen the organization.

Christine Arturo Katharine Bennett
Lindsey Buscher Jo Ann Eliason
Amanda Ferguson Katharine O’Moore-Klopf
Sacha Noukovitch Emma Shumeyko
Veronica Showers Glenn Landis
Angela Cochran Tony Alves

New CSE Vision and Mission Statements

To be indispensable in the communication of science.

To serve editorial professionals in the sciences by providing a network for career development, education, and resources for best practices.

Only Three Exhibit Spaces Remain for the 2015 Annual Meeting!

Secure your spot to join us in Philadelphia, PA, for the 2015 CSE annual meeting, taking place May 15-18 at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel! Our momentum continues to build each year, and last year was no exception, as we hosted another record-setting number of attendees. Exhibitors are taking note, as we are already at 17 exhibits, closing in on our 20-booth maximum!

Don’t miss out in 2015, as it’s sure to be another great meeting in the City of Brotherly Love!

Click here to review our sponsorship and exhibitor options.

Call for 2015 CSE Poster Abstracts

Have you noticed some interesting or disturbing trends in your publications, do you have insightful survey data, or do you have a research question about science publishing that you can put to the test? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to prepare a poster for the 2015 meeting or for future CSE meetings. And don’t forget that a research project is a requirement for the new CSE Certificate in Publication Management.

CSE members and meeting attendees are encouraged to submit abstracts describing their editorial research for presentation in the CSE 2015 Poster Session. Content must be original, and individuals submitting abstracts must ensure that they will be able to attend the CSE meeting should their poster be accepted. Abstracts for posters will be reviewed by the CSE Research Committee, blinded to the identity of the presenter. Submitters will be notified by March 1, 2015 whether their poster has been selected.

Please submit your abstracts by February 1, 2015 for review. For further information, please contact Mary Warner, Research Committee Chair, at mwarner@agu.org.

Welcome the Newest Members of CSE!

Anne Altor, Precision Science Editing
Virginia Anderson, ASCO
Elizabeth Brister, Citewriter, LLC
Leslie Ferrarelli, AAAS, Science Signaling
Jennifer Giblin, ASCO
Amy Hindman, ASCO
Gillian Hughes, Transplantation
Brooke LaFlamme, Nature Publishing Group
Pam Landman, AOCS
Valérie Langlois
Timothy Lash, Epidemiology
Verena Lietze, Bioscience Translation, LLC
Lindsey Pickell, ASCO
Jolina Rice
Ellen Russon, Ellen Russon Translations
Elizabeth Stern, American Society of Hematology


headshot-crossBest to all,
signature-crossTim Cross, CSE President