July 2011

Dear CSE Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

Through the year, I rely on my network of CSE colleagues to answer questions about style, editing, publishing, and ethics. I can think of no better way to stay connected with the scientific editing community. Often, CSE members relate lessons learned regarding thorny problems, saving time and sleepless nights.

Please make sure you renew your CSE membership and encourage your colleagues to join—especially those new to editing and scientific editors-in-chief. Our diversity and breadth of perspectives is our strength.

Here’s what’s happening:

Did You Know?

Sidibe Siaka 2011Professor Siaka Sidibe (right), editor-in-chief of Mali Médical, describes how CSE is helpful for editorial boards and journals from developing countries:

  • CSE improves the quality of journals by organizing during the CSE annual meeting short courses on the different domains of publication;
  • CSE creates and maintains friendships between editors and journals in the north and south by organizing the thematic sessions of the annual meeting; and
  • CSE improves the quality of editorial boards by sharing editorial processes and policy materials.

Don’t hesitate to meet new colleagues virtually through CSE social media or in person at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Seattle taking place May 18-21.

Webinar on Research Misconduct August 23

Everyone is talking about research misconduct and we all need the tools to deal with claims. This webinar, lead by experts on the topic, will give editors and editorial staff a peek into how the US Office of Research Integrity works on addressing claims, what the standard operating procedures are for dealing with claims, and a review of real cases and how they were resolved.

Join us on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 2:00pm Eastern time. Register now!

How Useful is the CSE Web Site?

When you go to the CSE Web site, can you find what you need? The CSE Web Committee is looking for committee members who have something to say about how to improve the CSE Web site. Please contact Web Editor, Amanda Ferguson, at [email protected] to join the committee and to make suggestions for how to make our Web site more dynamic and useful.

E-mail or Email, Web site or Website: What Do You Suggest for the CSE Style Guide?

If you had a chance to update the CSE style guide, Scientific Style and Format, what would you recommend? Look for polls on Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you have other suggestions or feedback about the style guide, please e-mail [email protected].

Call for Social Networking Subcommittee Chair

CSE is seeking an individual to head up the Social Networking subcommittee. This exciting subcommittee is entering its third year and continues to build upon established achievements like the 2700+ member Facebook fan page, 880-follower Twitter feed, and the 400+ member LinkedIn group. Gain experience with implementing social media policy, make connections with many fellow members, and help guide the Council through this new terrain of publishing. Contact Bob Sumner at [email protected] if you are interested.

In Memoriam

Dr. David Richard (Dominic) Lincicome, CSE member since 1958, died in March 2011. Please look for the full memorial in an upcoming issue of Science Editor.

CSE Social Networking

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Posting on the CSE Facebook page is a great way to notify fellow members and the extended community of your accomplishments, awards, projects, papers published, promotions, and other career-related news. If you have news you’d like to share-please contact Bob Sumner, chair of the Social Networking Committee at [email protected].

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Diane Sullenberger 2011Best regards,

Diane Sullenberger, CSE President