July 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues,

Mary Billingsley, CSE President

I truly don’t know where July went. I think of this time of year as being slower, with ‎editors and authors on vacation and some meeting-free days to step away from the ‎collective frenzy and let the mind wander, be creative, and practice monotasking (Just ‎one thing at a time? Gasp!). The reality is not that, and I don’t know why I allow the ‎delusion to persist. Colleagues away or not, the pace does not seem to slacken. ‎Whether it is because we’ve embraced a culture of busyness or just have that much to ‎do, there is a lot vying for our attention, and we all have tactics and strategies for ‎staying on top of it. I book time on my calendar every Friday to wrap up my weekly ‎to-do list and prepare the next week’s iteration. The goal is to clear my mind before ‎the weekend and have what I need to jump right in on Monday with a clean(-ish) ‎slate. It is an imperfect strategy, but simple enough to maintain.
As we approach the final dog days of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, I am ‎reminded that no matter how organized and prepared we keep ourselves, it is ‎important to take time to tune out. While my family’s plans are technically after the ‎last official dog day, I am looking forward to the opportunity to refresh and recharge. ‎There is a lot in CSE’s headlights as we get closer to fall, so I hope you have been able ‎or are planning to rest and reset.
What are your favorite strategies for staying organized and feeling prepared? And ‎perhaps more importantly, how do you like to relax and take time out?
Stay cool, and I hope to see you soon!

Consider the CSE Mentorship Program

The mission of the Council of Science Editors is to serve editorial professionals in the ‎sciences by providing a network for career development, education, and resources for ‎best practices. Career development is critical for members at any stage, and the ‎Publication Certificate Program, Scholarship Program, Short Courses, and Annual ‎meeting are important cornerstones of this effort. CSE’s Mentorship Program is now ‎in its third year. For early career or transitioning professionals seeking guidance from ‎a CSE veteran, the program offers the opportunity to gain insights into the dynamic ‎field of scholarly publishing by being paired with more established experts in similar ‎or desired roles. Although the formal mentor–mentee relationship is designed to last ‎one year, from annual meeting to annual meeting, the program is currently ‎considering off-cycle applicants (both mentees and mentors). If you would like to ‎participate in this program, please ‎click here to learn more and apply. If you have questions, please contact us at cse@councilscienceeditors.org. We hope ‎to hear from you!

Save the Date for the 2021 Fall Virtual Symposium!

CSE is happy to announce that the Fall Virtual Symposium will be back for its second year, taking place November 1-2, 2021! This two-day virtual event will feature a general session each day, which no scholarly publishing professional will want to miss, followed by hands-on opportunities to allow for a more collaborative learning experience using real life examples.
In addition to the Symposium, the Short Course for Manuscript Editors will be scheduled for Friday, November 5 to continue the education!
More details will be announced soon. Add to your calendar today!

Call for DEI Policies & Practices Submissions
Has your journal or organization issued a statement about policies and practices related ‎to diversity, ‎equity, and inclusion? Please consider sharing your efforts with our ‎community by completing our DEI Resources Submission Form. And review what’s currently been collected on our resources webpage.

Welcome to the Newest Members of CSE!

Candice Judith Dcosta
Erinn Grady
Elissa Hunter
Chamikara Liyanage
Andrew Lo Bello
Jennifer McGullam
Maria Pasho
Shubh Patel
Meighan Schreiber
Lauren Spencer
Lindsey Topp

CSE Members Celebrating Anniversaries!

Each month, CSE will recognize its members celebrating a milestone anniversary. We are grateful for your continued involvement in our Council!

10 Years of Membership
Anna Jester
Traci Pearson