June 2010

Dear CSE Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

New CSE President Christing LaineWelcome to the first Members’ Update. As president, I have the privilege to work with the Council of Science Editors’ dedicated Board, Committee Chairs, and volunteers, who are actively engaged in shaping CSE’s future. This monthly e-message is one way we hope to keep you informed about the activities of your organization. However, this does not need to be a one-way communication. Have some ideas or thoughts you want to share? Please write to me at claine@acponline.org.

Here’s what’s happening:

2010 CSE Annual Meeting

As those of you who were fortunate enough to attend know, the 2010 CSE Annual Meeting in Atlanta was a resounding success. The meeting was a combination of programs that are “evergreen favorites” and those that addressed new challenges and opportunities for scientific publishing. The three evidence-focused and thought-provoking plenary sessions on climate change were testament to the value of CSE’s disciplinary diversity. The speakers all demonstrated how meteorology, geology, agriculture, biomedicine, and a variety of other sciences are integral to understanding climate change and its implications for life on our planet. I encourage all of you to save the date for next year’s meeting in Baltimore, MD-April 29-May 3, 2011.

2011 CSE Annual Meeting: Program Committee

Next year’s Program Committee Co-chairs are busy assembling the committee to plan next year’s meeting. If you would like to participate, please contact Mary Beth Schaeffer mschaeffer@acponline.org and Glenn Landis glenn.landis@asco.org.

CSE Webinars

On April 28, 2010, CSE held its first Webinar, Copyright 101, that featured discussions by two experts in the field, Christopher Kenneally from Copyright Clearance Center, and Eric S. Slater, Esq. from the American Chemical Society. If you have ideas for future CSE webinar topics, send them to Angela Cochran, the Chair of the CSE Education Committee at acochran@asce.org.

CSE Web Site Committee

With increased technical support from CSE’s new management staff, volunteers will now be able to focus on updating current content and adding new content to the site. The CSE Board approved the following updated description and charge of the Web Committee. If you are interested in being the Chair or a member of the new Web Site Committee, please send an e-mail to CSE’s executive Director, David Stumph at dstumph@resourcenter.com.

Web Committee

The Web Committee consists of a chair, vice chair, and 4 to 8 other members. Members serve staggered terms to ensure continuity. The chairs of the Administration, Editorial Policy, Education, Membership, Program, and Publications Committees serve as ex officio members of the Web Committee, as does the Editor of Science Editor.

The Web Committee is responsible for monitoring, editing, and updating web content on an ongoing basis and in conjunction with Resource Center technical staff. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing frequent reports to the CSE Board of Directors and working with the Board to accomplish the editorial activities surrounding the Web site.
  • Tracking analytics and developing strategies for driving users to the CSE Web site.
  • Interacting with the Social Media Subcommittee to promote the Web site via social media tools.
  • Working with the editor of Science Editor to upload content on the Web site.
  • Brainstorming ideas for new content and functionality on the Web site, in accordance with CSE’s mission and strategic vision.
  • Guiding the design and appearance of the Web site.
  • Creating editorial policies that will guide the healthy development of CSE’s Web site.
  • Ensuring timely updating of CSE’s Web site.
  • Responding to requests from the CSE Board of Directors for adding information to the Web site.
  • Receiving and replying to e-mail concerning the Web site content and policies.

Christine Laine, CSE President

CSE on LinkedIn

CSE’s LinkedIn group page has had some technical problems, so a new page has been created. If you registered for the previous group, please re-register to the new CSE group here. If you have not yet registered to be a member of the group, you may register at any time. There is also a link on the CSE home page.