June 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues,

Mary Billingsley, CSE President

For those of us in the US mid-Atlantic region and parts of the Midwest, the past few weeks have been filled with the buzzing alien sounds of Brood X cicadas, also known as the Great Eastern Brood, who emerged this spring after 17 years underground. The sound of trillions of cicadas singing together is unlike anything else, a pervasive buzz-chirp-hum during daylight hours, simultaneously far away and up close, and at times shockingly loud, reaching 100 decibels, the equivalent of a jackhammer. They are big, absurd, and oafish, flying haphazardly into pedestrians and tumbling out of trees. This septdecennial buggy phenomenon is the gift that keeps on giving. Birds and family dogs are gorging themselves. Sidewalks are messy, gutters are clogged, and even President Biden isn’t immune to their bumbling and (mostly) benign antics. There’s even a cicada-specific “zombie fungus.” Science to some and scary to others—but many, like my family, are just enjoying the wild spectacle of it all.

The last time these cicadas emerged it was 2004. That year, armed robbers stole Munch’s The Scream from an art gallery in Oslo, and Millie Bobby Brown, star of Netflix’s Stranger Things was born. Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton, the book that would inspire Lin Manuel Miranda to create Hamilton: An American Musical, was published. In 2004, CSE took Science Editor online and was hard at work on SSF7. In scholarly publishing more broadly, the Public Library of Science launched its second open access publication, PLOS Medicine. Elsevier introduced Scopus, but the “Article of the Future” was still 5 years… in the future. Where were you and what were you doing in 2004? If you were working in scholarly publishing at the time, what stands out to you most as having changed in the intervening years?

Although experts surmise that we may next see some members of Brood X a little earlier than expected, they will emerge en masse in 2038. By then, babies born this year may be finishing up high school. Some of the many kids who enjoyed this visit from Brood X will have embarked on careers in entomology, waiting to greet the nymphs like old friends and learn as much as possible before they disappear again. What does the future hold for scholarly publishing? What will the developments and challenges be in 2038? What are your hopes for the future of our field? I hope you’ll reach out to share your reflections from 2004 and your thoughts and predictions for what the next 17 years will bring.

Our community thrives on the open sharing of ideas and information. Please feel free to ‎reach out to me.‎

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