March 2016

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Let’s talk about webinars. People I talk to seem to either love webinars or loathe webinars. In my shop, we love them!

Webinars are a great way for people to learn about topics that they deal with every day or (maybe more importantly) get exposure to things that are new to them. Let’s face it, it’s highly possible that not everyone in your office can attend the CSE Annual Meeting or other industry conferences. Getting career development and training for people who aren’t funded to attend or are not at a place in their lives where travel is possible can be difficult.

Webinars offer an opportunity to expand education to everyone. Here at ASCE, we send a list of people who watched a webinar to human resources so that the activity can be logged in their “training” profile. How else can you get 1.5 hours of education for 12-20 staff members for under $69?

Often after the webinar is over, we chat a bit about what we learned and how it relates to what we are doing in house. This usually provides an opportunity for some cross-department learning as well.
Webinars are very easy to come by. My inbox is full of notifications of webinars. We have been burned by some for sure-freebies that are very basic, speakers that are not great presenters, presentations that don’t match the marketing copy.

The CSE Webinar Sub-committee is well aware of the pitfalls. Ideas for webinars come from our annual meeting reviews, our Listserv discussions, and experiences of our committee members. Care is taken to ensure that the speakers are top notch and the presentations live up to their promises.

If you aren’t using webinars as a way to train your team and keep yourself in the loop, you may be missing out. Be sure to check out the upcoming CSE Webinar a little farther down, or visit the CSE Resource Library to peruse past webinars and purchase a recording of something that has already been offered.

See you online.

Committee Spotlight: Committee on Professional Development

Welcome Mary Billingsley

Mary Billingsley

Mary Billingsley

Our new Committee on Professional Development is off to a great start. Mary K. Billingsley, ELS, Managing Editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, is chairing the committee. This new committee is focusing on new offerings to assist in career development as well as managing the Certificate Program under sub-committee chair Emma Shumeyko.

The committee is planning its first session at CSE focusing on what hiring managers look for in qualified candidates across different areas of publishing. The committee would love to have some additional ideas and welcomes all interested to join by emailing your interest to Mary at

Thank you to everyone who serves on the Committee on Professional Development:

Mary Billingsley, Chair Anirban Mahapatra
Yvonne Blanco Jessica McEwan
Lauren Fischer Julie Nash
Michael Friedman Rajashree Ranganathan
Jennifer Kuhn Emma Shumeyko
Glenn Landis

2016 CSE Board of Directors Election Results

The 2016 CSE election closed on February 29, and with great pleasure, all elected nominees have confirmed their support. Please welcome your 2016 elected officials who will join the Board while in Denver for the Annual Meeting!

Anna Jester, Vice President

Anna Jester, Vice President

Tony Alves

Tony Alves, Treasurer-Elect

Mary Beth Schaeffer

Mary Beth Schaeffer, Director

2016 CSE Award Recipients Announced

Every year, CSE recognizes individuals/organizations through the CSE Awards Program for their contributions to the Council, as well as to the scientific editing community at-large. The awards consist of the Award for Meritorious Achievement, Distinguished Service Award, and Certificate of Appreciation. This year, CSE is proud to recognize Dr. Ana Marusic with the Award for Meritorious Achievement; Tim Cross, Ken Heideman, and Glenn Landis with Distinguished Service Awards; and the CSE Task Force on Student and Younger Member Engagement with Certificates of Appreciation. Congratulations to all!

Awards will be given during the Annual Meeting Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, May 17. CSE collects nominations for awards every year, so if you notice someone doing good things for the Council or the industry, submit your nomination for consideration.

Register for the 2016 Annual Meeting

Registration has opened for this year’s CSE Annual Meeting taking place in Denver, Colorado, May 14-17. The Program Committee has organized 32 engaging sessions that will expand your thinking and generate new ideas. The full listing of events can be found by clicking here.

CSE is also very excited to host Pulitzer Prize-winning author Deborah Blum as the keynote speaker on Monday, May 16. Her presentation, The Poisoner’s Guide to Communicating Science, will discuss the importance of communicating science to the general public and how to do it successfully.

Register today!

The Next CSE Webinar is Here!

Join CSE for the next webinar, Journal Training Wheels: Building a Pipeline of Future Authors, Reviewers, and Editors, on Wednesday, March 23, from 12:00-1:00pm EDT. This webinar will present examples of initiatives and programs geared toward engaging residents, fellows, and early career individuals in scholarly publishing ‘training wheels’ experiences to develop a rich pipeline of interested and engaged future authors, reviewers, and editors.

Click here to learn more and to register.

Welcome the Newest Members of CSE!

Brandi Baker Jory Lerback
Kirsten Connelly Keitaro Matsuo
Sally Darney Elizabeth McClain
Rachel DiGiammarino Cody Mooneyhan
Zach Dourafei Daniel Mulcahy
Alyson Gamble Masao Okazaki
Judith Hoffman

headshot-cochranBest to all,signature-cochranAngela Cochran, CSE President