March 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues,

Carissa Gilman, CSE President

Earlier today I went to a mass vaccination site to get my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. While I was ‎waiting in line for my number to be called, I kept thinking back to my first letter to you as CSE president, ‎when I wrote, “I remain optimistic about the power of science to guide us through these most troubled ‎times.” More than anything, I feel profoundly grateful to be the recipient of the product of the rapid and ‎urgent science that went into developing an approved vaccine. At the same time, I recognize that not ‎everyone benefits equally from this science, as the vaccine remains out of reach for most of the world’s ‎population. We are a global community, and we are not safe unless all of us are safe. Thinking back to ‎another letter, I said, “Science is what will bring an end to the continuing ravages of this pandemic.” While ‎that remains true, we have seen the devastating effects wrought when science is hamstrung by ‎government apathy and flawed policy. That is why I ask myself what we can do as scholarly publishing ‎professionals to help address the issue of distribution inequality.‎

This is one question I hope to pose to our keynote and plenary speakers for this year’s annual meeting, to ‎be held virtually May 3-5, 2021. Dr. Michael Osterholm and Jessica Malaty Rivera, both infectious disease ‎experts, will speak to the role our scholarly community can play in supporting an improved crisis response ‎through disseminating science, debunking misinformation, and rebuilding trust among communities. In ‎addition to these general sessions, this year’s program committee, led by co-chairs Emma Shumeyko and ‎Brittany Swett, have organized 24 outstanding concurrent sessions as well as roundtables, lunch and ‎learns, and social events. Be sure to register by April 9, 2021, to lock in your early bird rate.‎

In addition to the annual meeting program, we will be offering 3 short courses—the April 30th Advanced ‎Short Course on Publication Management; May 10th Short Course on Publication Management; and brand ‎new this year, the May 6th Short Course on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Thank you to our short course ‎director Brit Stamey for organizing these key educational offerings.‎

This month the CSE Membership Committee has been hard at work reminding members to renew their ‎membership—don’t forget that the end of the membership grace period is today! We are also introducing ‎a referral campaign so that existing members can earn a free webinar in 2021 by introducing a colleague or ‎friend to CSE. In addition, the Membership Committee is seeking members who are willing to provide ‎testimonials about their experiences with CSE for new member recruitment on social media and the CSE ‎website. If you are willing to provide a testimonial, please submit here or give us a shout. Finally, we are ‎pleased to welcome another new member to the committee: Nicole Camasso of the American Chemical ‎Society. ‎

If you are looking for another way to get involved with CSE, the Certificate Program, led by subcommittee ‎chair Morgan Sorenson, needs reviewers for projects from the program participants. This involves ‎reviewing incoming project proposals from participants and offering advice or guidance if needed. This is a ‎low time commitment for someone who is looking to volunteer for CSE but doesn’t have a lot of time to ‎spare. ‎

Finally, did you know Science Editor is now on Instagram? As an amateur photographer, Instagram is my ‎favorite social media platform, so I’m particularly excited about this new way to engage with CSE. You can ‎check out the feed here. ‎

The May annual meeting will be here before we know it, and I do hope you will make the time to join us. I ‎look forward to seeing you all soon.‎

Welcome to the Newest Members of CSE!

Charlotte Bailey
Stephanie Boyter
Brittany Butler
James Butler
Kimberly Carter-Fenk
Janaynne Carvalho do Amaral
Glenda Cohen
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CSE Members Celebrating Anniversaries!

Each month, CSE will recognize its members celebrating a milestone anniversary. We are grateful for your continued involvement in our Council!

10 Years of Membership
Tony Alves
Michael Fitzgerald
Kelly Hadsell
Lisa Kisner
Erin McMullan