May 2011

Dear CSE Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

If you missed the 2011 CSE Annual Meeting in Baltimore, you truly missed excellent and informative sessions and Short Courses, searching for solutions to prickly editorial issues like data sharing and launching a freelance career, catching up with colleagues you haven’t seen since last year, and meeting new colleagues from a stunningly diverse array of backgrounds and locales. I plan to keep the momentum of CSE activity going throughout the year, to ensure that CSE stays energized and remains the go-to resource for science editors worldwide. To accomplish this, I ask for your suggestions and your participation in committees and in providing articles and story ideas for Science Editor. What can CSE do better to provide what you need as a science editor? Please let me know at [email protected]. Here’s what’s happening:

Did You Know?

What do you say when an authorship dispute arises or when referee misconduct occurs? CSE offers sample editorial office correspondence online.

2011 Annual Meeting

I’d like to extend sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the highly informative and fast-paced CSE Annual Meeting April 29-May 3 in Baltimore, MD. Past President Christine Laine, Program Committee Chairs Mary Beth Schaeffer and Glenn Landis, and the team at the Resource Center did a terrific job “Making Science Matter.” View Annual Meeting Presentations If you missed a session at the Annual Meeting, presentations and handouts are available online for your convenience. Tell Us What You Think about the CSE 2011 Annual Meeting Your feedback is important. Please take a few minutes to complete the Annual Meeting evaluation by June 1, 2011.

Save the Dates for Upcoming CSE Annual Meetings

The 2012 meeting will be in Seattle, WA, May 18-21. We’ve listened to your feedback about saving time and money and have shortened the CSE meeting by a half day. The Annual Meeting will be Sunday and Monday only, with information-packed sessions focusing on globalization, education, and technology. If you have ideas for speakers or sessions for the 2012 Annual Meeting, please let us know at [email protected]. The 2013 meeting will be May 3-6 in Montreal, and the 2014 meeting will be May 2-5 in San Antonio.

New CSE Officers

I am pleased to report that Heather Goodell has been elected CSE Vice President, and Tim Cross and Kristi Overgaard have been elected to the Board of Directors.

New CSE Web Editor – Welcome Amanda Ferguson

Amanda Ferguson, manager of the Institute of Food Technologists scientific journals, has become the new Web Editor. If you have a good eye for content and how to communicate it via the Web, please contact Amanda at [email protected] to join the committee and to make suggestions for how to make the CSE Web site more useful.

CSE Sponsorship Committee Needs Your Help

The Sponsorship Committee is looking for dynamic committee members to help obtain sponsorship, organize Annual Meeting exhibits, and secure grants for publications, educational programs, retreats, workshops, and other special projects. Contact Barbara Campaigne at [email protected] to help with this important initiative.

Do You Have Something to Say?

You may have seen Teresa Melcher, the new editor of Science Editor, taking copious notes during the sessions in Baltimore. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript or becoming a peer reviewer, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. Don’t forget that Science Editor is now published quarterly.

In Memoriam

Blaire Volman Mossman 2011 In MemorianBlaire Volman Mossman of Scottsdale, Arizona, died peacefully from brain cancer April 29, 2011. Blaire served as president of CSE (1999-2000) and received the CSE Distinguished Service Award in 2004. As her husband, Kenneth Mossman, notes, “Blaire touched everyone who knew her. She was a loving and devoted wife, daughter and sister. She cherished her friendships and gave of herself unconditionally. Blaire made everyone who knew her better and richer. She will be missed by many family and friends.” Please look for the full tribute to Blair in an upcoming issue of Science Editor.

CSE Social Networking

Become a fan, send a tweet, or get linked in with the Council of Science Editors. Posting on the CSE Facebook page is a great way to notify fellow members and the extended community of your accomplishments, awards, projects, papers published, promotions, and other career-related news. If you have news you’d like to share-please contact Bob Sumner, chair of the Social Networking Committee at [email protected].

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Diane Sullenberger 2011Best regards,

Diane Sullenberger, CSE President