May 2012

Dear CSE Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

As my 2011-2012 term as CSE President draws to a close this month, I’d like to encourage each of you to become active in some way with CSE: join a committee, volunteer to speak at or help organize next year’s annual meeting, become a Science Editor board member or author, sign up for a Webinar, post an editing question on Facebook or LinkedIn… CSE members are engaged, knowledgeable members of the publishing community and have a wealth of information and experience to offer.

Becoming active with CSE is a terrific networking opportunity, is an impressive addition to a resume, and is the only way to ensure that CSE continues to offer content and services relevant to your particular aspect of the profession.

Don’t sit back, step up. We’re waiting to see what we can accomplish together. Contact [email protected] to get involved.

Here’s what’s happening:

Member Spotlight: Alice M. Landwehr

Alice Landwehr 2012Alice M. Landwehr started her career in STM publishing and editing with The Journal of Pediatrics. She is currently the Managing Editor for Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine; Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology; and Disability and Health Journal. She also provides copyediting services for medical books and other material.

Alice feels that being a member of CSE allows her to look beyond the at-times insular nature of day-to-day tasks to the broader aspects that inform and enrich the quality of that work.

Make Sure You Are “In the Loop”

Want to know more about CSE’s Certificate Program? Ask anyone wearing a Certificate Program button at the Annual Meeting in Seattle for details. Take advantage of the discounted fee of $50 by applying for the Certificate Program before the end of the conference! Apply here!

Be Sure to Get Your CSE T-Shirt at the Annual Meeting

The NEW CSE T-Shirts will be available at the registration desk onsite at the Annual Meeting. They come in a variety of men’s and women’s sizes and are $17 each (sales tax included).

After the meeting the T-Shirts will be available for purchase through the CSE Online Store.

Share Your CSE Photos

Find us on Flickr at Share your photos with the CSE community! E-mail pictures from CSE events to upload them to our Flickr account—type a name for the picture (such as the name and year of the event) in the subject line, attach it, and send to [email protected]. Text in the body of the e-mail will appear as the description.

2012 Update of the CSE’s White Paper Available Soon

Be sure to pick up your copy of CSE’s 2012 update to the White Paper on Promoting Integrity in Scientific Journal Publications at the Annual Meeting in Seattle. The update will also be available online for those who wish to download a PDF.

CSE Mentors Needed!

The Membership Committee continues to seek mentors for its inaugural mentorship program. The connections you established with CSE continue to benefit your career, and your first-hand experience is invaluable to guiding the next generation of members. Being a mentor provides a great networking opportunity at the Annual Meeting (and beyond) and gives you a chance to play a part in strengthening CSE’s membership for the future. E-mail membership committee chair Bob Sumner at [email protected] if you would like to be a part of this exciting initiative.

Join the Discussion—What Questions Do You Have for Science Editors?

CSE runs a robust 1000-plus follower Twitter feed, a Facebook fan page with over 2800 “likes,” and a 500-plus member LinkedIn Group where many issues faced by science editors are regularly discussed.

Got a question for CSE members? Write it on our wall, send us a mention, or start a discussion. We’d love to hear from you. Join us on these networks and receive routine updates on CSE, and find other information that can enhance your professional development.

Become a fan, send a tweet, or get linked in with the Council of Science Editors.

Posting on the CSE Facebook page is a great way to notify fellow members and the extended community of your accomplishments, awards, projects, papers published, promotions, and other career-related news. If you have news you’d like to share-please contact John Vaughn, chair of the Social Networking Committee at [email protected].

facebook social media iconTo find the CSE Facebook page, go to your personal page or type in the URL and search the pages for Council of Science Editors. Or click on the button to the right.

twtiter social media badgeTo follow CSE on Twitter, search for CScienceEditors.

linkedin buttonYou can also find CSE on LinkedIn. Sign in to your personal page, or join to create a personal page if you are not a member. On your personal page, on the top toolbar, mouse over Groups, click on Groups Directory, and then search for Council of Science Editors in the search box in the upper right corner.

Diane Sullenberger 2011Best regards,

Diane Sullenberger, CSE President