May 2013

Dear CSE Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

As I returned home from the “high” that resulted from the very successful Annual Meeting in beautiful Montreal, Canada, I thought about the daunting task of trying to summarize the past year in a single, short column. The following is what emerged from that process.

I knew I would learn a lot of new things as the result of my year as president of CSE, and believe me, I did. But what stands out to me is not so much the new things I’ve absorbed but how much of what I thought about CSE going into the year has been affirmed by my experience over the past twelve months. For example:

  • CSE is made up of highly talented and dedicated professionals and the power of the organization is manifest through the volunteers on the committees and board that collectively make the organization work for all of its members.
  • CSE is big enough to take positions and make a difference across all of the fields and positions that scientific editing encompasses, but at the same time feels like an extended family so that members can feel like a cog in a wheel that’s turning for the greater good of its membership community. It is bigger than the sum of its parts (and that’s saying a lot!).
  • CSE is collectively wise enough to know the importance of keeping up with the very latest in editing technology, management, and peer-review in addition to staying informed about other organizations with missions that have some overlap with ours. But we are secure enough as an organization to know that our particular mission, and our philosophy in carrying it out, is unique and effective.
  • CSE supports and invests in the volunteers who step forward to help; it doesn’t devour them. I am proof of that, as it is the only way that I could have gone from teaching part of a short course in 2004 – my initial exposure to the organization -to serving as president 8 years later.

When I made up my mind to be “all-in” with CSE as my vehicle for professional development it was one of the best decisions I ever made. As Heather Goodell takes over as president (and take it from me, she will be terrific) I want to thank all of you of giving me this golden opportunity and all of you who helped me along the way, and I urge those members who have thought about sticking their toe in the volunteer “pool” for the first time to come on in. The water’s fine!

KenHeideman2012Best to all,

Ken Heideman Signature
Ken Heideman, CSE President