May 2020

Dear CSE Colleagues,

Carissa Gilman, CSE President

I hope you were able to join us at the annual business meeting. But if you weren’t, I want to start by reiterating what an honor it is to take the gavel from Past President Dana Compton. Dana and I served as Program Co-Chairs for the 2016 Annual Meeting in Denver, and I’ve been so thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to serve with her on the Board. Those of you who know Dana know that she is organized, decisive, strategic, analytical, quick-witted, and fun. She is a gifted communicator, crafts a superb email, and takes freakishly tidy notes. It’s a true privilege to have had the opportunity to work closely with someone I admire so much. I hope if you talk to Dana, you will take the time to thank her for her skilled leadership over a year that presented some unprecedented challenges.

I recently finished Dr. Michael T. Osterholm’s book Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs, which he co-wrote with his longtime collaborator Mark Olshaker. In his eerily prescient book, Osterholm warns of the inevitable threat of a pandemic and describes what we will be facing when such a pandemic comes to pass—shortages of PPE (including N95 masks); disruption of supply chains, including those for medications for chronic diseases; panic; the politicizing of public health mandates; and economic recession. As we are now living the reality that Dr. Osterholm predicted, I choose not to dwell on the failure of our governments to heed the warnings of scientific experts; rather, I remain optimistic about the power of science to guide us through these most troubled times and provide credible information to those who are ready to listen. The clear communication of science is more crucial than ever, and I’m proud of how our community has mobilized to vet and disseminate this science as it comes flooding in.

At the same time, many of the organizations for which we work are struggling due to the challenging economic environment, which means some of us are facing job uncertainty. We at CSE ask ourselves how we can support our members during this stressful and trying time. We remain committed to providing a variety of affordable educational offerings as well as free networking and mentoring opportunities to help our members in their professional development, but I hope you will let us know what you need from us as an organization while we navigate these uncertain waters together.

On Friday, May 29, we will offer our next virtual happy hour, a free and informal gathering loosely centered around a specific theme, this time being positive pivoting. We are pleased to have CSE’s 2020 Program Co-Chairs, Emilie Gunn and Peter Olson, join Dana Compton in kicking things off by talking about how they rapidly converted the planned annual meeting in Portland to a virtual format. Once the heartbreaking decision was made to cancel the in-person meeting, Emilie, Peter, and Dana didn’t miss a step in reimagining how we could still come together as a group. I’m eager to hear them talk more about what they learned from that experience, and I hope you’ll bring your own examples of ways you have adapted to changing circumstances and pivoted in a positive way.

On Wednesday, June 17, we will hold our next webinar, “What is Text Recycling? When is it Acceptable? When is it Legal?” Kelly Hadsell, Editorial Director for KWF Editorial and chair of CSE’s Editorial Policy Committee, will be joined by Cary Moskovitz, Director of Writing in the Disciplines at Duke University, to discuss the complexities and legalities of this sticky wicket of scholarly publishing.

We have many more offerings in the works for you, including the launch of our podcast, S.P.E.A.K., more virtual short courses to bring our robust educational content straight to you, and much more to come on ways we will be delivering the rest of our fantastic annual meeting program. As always, the latest CSE comings and goings are available via social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and our listserv.

As you can see, we have a lot in store for you. If you’re interested in getting involved, I encourage you to join one of our committees. The value we are able to bring to our members is thanks to our dedicated Board and committee volunteers. Joining a committee is a great way to network, expand your skill set, and direct the future of our organization. Please reach out to me if you’d like to get involved. I’d love to talk to you about it more.

Welcome to the Newest Members of CSE!

Marcio Cunha Filho
Xiaowan Dong
Jeffrey Fancy
Michelle Guiliano
Christine Hu
W. Pierce Hutchings
Joanna Odrowaz
Jason Park
Carlos Rios Campos
Joanna Robertson
Carol Schachinger
Melissa Schmidt
Christina Sisti
Kelly Strannahan

CSE Members Celebrating Anniversaries!

Each month, CSE will recognize its members celebrating a milestone anniversary. We are grateful for your continued involvement in our Council!

5 Years of Membership
Nancy Busija
10 Years of Membership
Jackie Perry
15 Years of Membership
Jeannine Botos
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