May 2021

Dear CSE Colleagues,

Mary Billingsley, CSE President

I hope you are all well and were able to participate in CSE’s Virtual Annual Meeting a ‎few weeks ago. I’d like to reiterate here what I said at the business meeting: It has been a ‎true pleasure to work with Past President Carissa Gilman over the last year. As a leader, ‎Carissa listens first. She is thoughtful, astute, and extremely practical, and she has a ‎wonderfully dry sense of humor. Carissa’s vision was for CSE to share what we know ‎and to continue to educate ourselves. Under Carissa’s leadership, CSE committed to ‎providing affordable educational offerings and free networking and mentorship ‎opportunities to support our members’ professional development and to continuing the ‎efforts started by Past President Dana Compton to take CSE’s products and services into ‎the virtual space and expand opportunities for members to engage and learn. It has been ‎an incredible honor and learning experience to work with Carissa, Dana, and President-‎Elect Jenn Deyton, over the past year to ensure that CSE continues to meet member ‎needs in these challenging times and to prepare to serve as CSE President.‎

A tremendous thank you to our Program Committee, led by Emma Shumeyko and ‎Brittany Swett, and the many moderators and presenters who made our virtual Annual ‎Meeting possible. Over 440 people from 17 countries participated in CSE’s virtual ‎annual meeting, which included 24 breakout sessions, 6 roundtables, 3 short courses, ‎and 3 engaging general sessions. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to ‎complete your meeting evaluation, which will be used to help guide the development of ‎future content, and be on the lookout for CSE’s open call for proposals for future ‎meeting programming.‎

CSE is launching what I hope will become a valuable new resource: a repository of ‎journal and organizational statements related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Many ‎journals and publishing programs have embarked on new initiatives or renewed efforts ‎to improve editorial board diversity and inclusion, evaluate their peer ‎review processes for implicit bias, revise guidelines for authors, develop mentorship ‎and training opportunities for members of underrepresented communities – and ‎published their vision, goals, and findings – and yet many other journals are struggling ‎to know what to do and where to start. This repository will serve as a resource to ‎members who may be searching for new and different approaches to pursue for their ‎journals and ways to continue learning and discussing these issues within their ‎communities and areas of study.‎

Has your journal or organization issued a statement about policies and practices related ‎to diversity, ‎equity, and inclusion? Please consider sharing your efforts with our ‎community by completing our DEI Resources Submission Form.‎

We have more offerings in the works, including a new podcast series and more virtual ‎short course opportunities, including the Short Course for Journal Editors. CSE’s board ‎has approved a new section for the White Paper on Publication Ethics: Guidelines for ‎Editor in Chief and Guest Editors of Supplements, Special Series, or Calls for Papers. ‎This guidance will be incorporated into the White Paper and available soon.‎ Our most recent CSE Connect event on updating clinical guidelines was very successful. ‎It was great to see so many members in attendance! Thank you to Glenn Landis and ‎Heather Norton Blackburn for giving such an informative presentation. As we plan ‎future events, we want to hear from you about what topics are of greatest interest. ‎Please submit your suggestions for future topics here.

At the recent CSE Board meeting, we welcomed a host of new and continuing CSE ‎committee and subcommittee chairs. Our committees are the lifeblood of our ‎organization, working to develop new ideas and content, offering opportunities to ‎network and expand your skill sets, and serving as a pathway to future leadership. If you ‎have an idea or simply want to get more involved, please consider joining a committee.‎

Our community thrives on the open sharing of ideas and information. Please feel free to ‎reach out to me.‎

Welcome to the Newest Members of CSE!

Michael Baker
Josephine Briggs
Douglas Clem
Paul Dolber
Alejandra Dubois
Yael Fitzpatrick
Jasmine Hargrave-Thomas
Wayson Jones
Ira Kirschenbaum
Heather Norton
Madeline Perez
Daniel Remick
Suliman Salih
James Stoxen
Richard Wallace

CSE Members Celebrating Anniversaries!

Each month, CSE will recognize its members celebrating a milestone anniversary. We are grateful for your continued involvement in our Council!

5 Years of Membership
Robert Arthur
Jasmine Wallace

10 Years of Membership
Detra Davis
Lynn LeCount
David Riley

15 Years of Membership
Krista Galley