November 2015

Look forward… to Denver!

I am all about looking forward these days. I am also all about solving problems instead of just complaining about them. It feels like we can sometimes get stuck in the “that’s not how it’s done” mentality. It’s time to look forward.

In this rapidly changing scholarly publishing landscape, Council of Science Editors members see growth, opportunities, and even threats first hand. What will the business models look like in 10 years? Will journal brands continue to matter? Will new technology enhance publication or disrupt? Will peer review as we know it be valued? What about standards and copyediting?

CSE is ready to tackle these topics in Denver at our 2016 Annual Meeting- Pioneers in Scholarly Publishing: Thriving in the New Frontier. Sessions and keynotes will focus on new and emerging trends while seeking out the opportunities for scholarly publishers. We expect to thrive in, not just survive in, the landscape of changes and challenges coming our way.

We do hope that you join us in Denver and to share your vision of the future. Please note that the dates for this meeting are a slight shift from the normal schedule. Short courses will be on Saturday and Sunday (May 14-15) with the Welcome reception on Sunday, May 15. The program sessions will be held on Monday and Tuesday (May 16-17).

Keep an eye on your email and social media channels for more information about the Annual Meeting!

Committee Spotlight: Education

The Education Committee, under the leadership of Dan Nadolny, is charged with providing CSE members and the profession with high-quality opportunities to continue to learn and grow. Through short courses and webinars, the committee seeks out hot topics and expert speakers to answer the questions you have in your day-to-day operations.

The Education Committee has produced four webinars this year with one more yet to come. Topics included preventing retractions, working with figures, and improving author instructions. The most recent webinar focused on offering Continuing Medical Education, and the next explores how to make sure your content is properly indexed.

The CSE Short Courses, organized by Nancy Devaux, are a real bonus for Annual Meeting attendees. The short courses take a deep-dive into what you should know to get the job done. At the 2016 Annual Meeting in Denver, the Short Course for Journal Editors, Short Course for Publication Managers, Short Course for Manuscript Editors, and Short Course on Publication Ethics will be offered.

Thank you to everyone who serves on the Education Committee:

Dan Nadolny, Chair Jennifer Fleet
Melissa Berbusse, Vice Chair Emilie Gunn
Carissa Gilman, Board Liaison Ken Heideman
Kristen Anderson Kathleen Horgan
Rebecca Barr Cheryl Iverson
Patty Baskin Etta Kavanaugh
Philippa Benson Milka Kostic
Mary Billingsley Byron Laws
Clarinda Cerejo May Piotrowski
Stacy Christianson Emma Shumeyko
Angela Cochran Bill Silberg
Nancy Devaux Kimberly Stamper
Jennifer Deyton Brittany White
Abimbola Farinde

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If You Can’t Be Found, You Don’t Exist: A Review of Three Major Indices
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
12:00-1:00pm EST

Getting your content in front of your users is one of the most difficult things to achieve. Making sure your content is indexed in the largest databases used by researchers, faculty and students is imperative. This webinar will offer steps and tips on how to ensure your content is properly indexed and discoverable in NLM’s Medline, Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science, and Elsevier’s Scopus databases. Join us as we uncover the mysteries of abstracting and indexing.

Learning Objectives

  • How-to advice on where to go to get content indexed
  • A review of the different kinds of databases in which content can appear
  • Changes to how content is being added to these databases


  • David Gilliken, Chief, Bibliographic Services Division, National Library of Medicine
  • Joelle Masciulli, Head of Research Discovery, Thomspon Reuters
  • Wim Meester, PhD, Head of Product Management for Content Strategy, Elsevier

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Call for CSE Award Nominations

Each year, CSE recognizes important contributors to scientific communication and to CSE through our awards. Distributed at the CSE Annual Meeting, the three categories are: CSE Award of Meritorious Achievement, CSE Distinguished Service Award, and Certificate of Appreciation. The Awards Committee welcomes your suggestions for candidates for these awards. Learn more about each category and submit your nominations by clicking here.

Welcome the Newest Members of CSE!

Ulysses Labilles
Jeanne McKane
Daniel Prathipati, Editage

headshot-cochranBest to all,signature-cochranAngela Cochran, CSE President