October 2010

Dear CSE Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

This monthly e-message is one way we hope to keep you informed about Council of Science Editor Activities. Remember, if you have comments or suggestions related to CSE activities, please contact me at claine@acponline.org.

Here’s what’s happening:

Science Editor Blog

Science Editor recently launched an editor’s blog at http://csescienceeditor.wordpress.com. The blog will regularly cover the following topics: Science Editor content, CSE news, education, ethical issues, and peer review and related research. We hope you will visit the blog often and participate by posting comments.

CSE Web Site Committee

CSE is pleased to announce that Dr. Sunil Moreker is the Chair of CSE’s Web Committee. Dr. Moreker is looking for some enthusiastic CSE members to, with assistance from CSE’s management staff, help update CSE’s web site, www.councilofscienceeditors.org. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Moreker at morekersunil@gmail.com.

Candidates Solicited for CSE Board of Directors

Recommendations of potential candidates are being solicited for the following positions on the CSE Board of Directors: Vice President, Secretary, and Director.

Terms of Service
The vice president automatically succeeds to the office of president elect after serving as vice president for 1 year; the president elect automatically succeeds to the office of president after serving as president elect for 1 year, and the president automatically succeeds to the office of past president after serving as president for 1 year.

The secretary serves a 2-year term and may serve an additional 2-year term if nominated and re-elected to the office.

Each of 3 directors serves a staggered 3-year term.

The successful candidate for nomination should be a member of CSE for at least 5 years, preferably with experience as an active CSE committee member or chair within the past 5 years.

Candidates for secretary should also have demonstrated organizational abilities, and candidates for vice president should also have served actively in CSE as either a committee chair or director and have senior-level responsibilities in his or her career.

To submit a recommendation, go to the CSE Web site and click on the “Members Only” tab.

Recommendations will be sent to the CSE Nominating Committee for consideration, and the committee’s nominations will be sent to the CSE Board of Directors for review. Self-recommendations will not be accepted.

Diane Lang, CSE Past President and Chair, Nominating Committee

Science Editor seeks to publish Research Reports

Science Editor, CSE’s journal, aims to encourage and disseminate evidence-based research about peer review in science and biomedicine and to provide an international discussion forum for editors, editorial staff, publishers, scientists, and other professionals in the field of science communication. To reach these goals, the editor is seeking the submission of research on peer review, editorial processes, and ethics. In addition, the publication is looking for potential peer reviewers. If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer, please send an e-mail to the editor, Rebecca Benner (csescienceeditor@gmail.com), with your name, contact information, and area(s) of expertise. Manuscripts may be submitted to the same e-mail address.

Copyright 101 Webinar

Did you miss the Council of Science Editors Webinar on “Copyright 101” offered last April? It’s not too late to learn all about the sticky copyright issues that plague scientific publications. The 90-minute webinar is available here for $25. You will get both presentations from our expert speakers as well as the valuable Q&A that followed.

This educational session featured discussions by two experts in the field:

Christopher Kenneally from Copyright Clearance Center will discuss the basics of copyright, including what is protected by copyright and fair use. He will cover copyright holders’ privileges and obligations under U.S. copyright law, potential exceptions to copyright protection, and copyright infringement.

Eric S. Slater, Esq. from the American Chemical Society will discuss the permissions process as well as challenges and controversies surrounding copyright in scientific, technical, and medical publications.

CSE Social Networking

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Christine Laine, CSE President