October 2013

Dear CSE Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

The CSE website houses many useful resources. If you missed a webinar, you can find it online. Sample correspondence? Got it. Instructions for Authors’ checklist? Ditto. We want to ensure members and potential new members can find the information that they need, as well as communicate clearly that CSE is a vibrant community of like-minded professionals. With that in mind, we plan to refresh the CSE website. I think the words “website redesign” might strike a fear into many hearts; it is exciting but daunting at the same time. If you are already involved in a committee, stay tuned, because you may be required to help. If you are not involved in a committee, but think you would like to help, then please contact us!

CSE is valuable because of our brain trust. Any design firm might be able to whip up something that looks spiffy without knowing anything about CSE. Working together, our members can organize our content in the most effective way, which will lead to a successful redesign.

Last Chance for 2014 Board Nominations

Time is running out to nominate yourself or one of your colleagues to become a leader in the Council of Science Editors (CSE)! The CSE Nominating Committee is currently seeking your nominations to fill three positions on the Board of Directors: Vice President, Treasurer-Elect, and one Director. Click here to view the position descriptions. Deadline for nominations is Monday, October 21.

The Nominations Committee seeks candidates who are dedicated to the future of CSE and possess the following leadership skills and attributes:

Master communicators who ask great questions and cultivate thought-provoking conversations that reveal the ideas that will inspire the organization’s progress.

Determined problem solvers who see challenges not as obstacles, but as opportunities.

Passionate advocates with a deep-seated commitment to CSE’s mission and whose enthusiasm can enliven and motivate their colleagues.

Change agents who provide the stability CSE needs to operate, while serving as a catalyst for transformational change.

Please take a few moments to review and think about whether you or someone you know is ready to become a CSE leader. To submit your own name or that of a colleague, please click here to complete the nomination form.

If you have any questions, please contact Ken Heideman via email or phone, 617-226-3923.

The deadline to submit your nomination form is Monday, October 21!


Submit Nominations for the 2014 CSE Awards

Each year, CSE recognizes important contributors to scientific communication and to CSE through our awards. Distributed at the CSE annual meeting, the three categories are:CSE Award of Meritorious Achievement, CSE Distinguished Service Award, and Certificate of Appreciation. The Awards Committee welcomes your suggestions for candidates for these awards. Learn more about each category below and submit your nominations by clicking here.

CSE Award for Meritorious Achievement

This is CSE’s highest award. The award honors those who have made significant contributions to CSE’s mission to improve scientific communication through the pursuit of high standards in all activities connected with scientific editing. The recipient should be a person or institution that the CSE membership will readily recognize as closely embracing the purposes of CSE and a symbol of what CSE stands for, but need not be a member of CSE. Click here to view past recipients.

CSE Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes excellence in the performance of specific tasks by CSE members. Recipients must be CSE members in good standing who have made outstanding contributions to CSE. Recipients must be present at the annual meeting to receive their certificates. Click here to view past recipients.

Certificate of Appreciation

The CSE Certificate of Appreciation is given to one or more CSE members who have made a laudable contribution to CSE in recent years.

Nomination Deadline: December 2, 2013

Submit your nominations today!

Headshot GoodellBest to all,
Signature Goodell
Heather Goodell, CSE President