September 2011

Dear CSE Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

I’m thrilled to announce that Dr. Paul Ekman, one of “The 2009 TIME 100” Scientists & Thinkers, and Dr. Leroy Hood, president and co-founder of the Institute for Systems Biology, will give the Keynote and Plenary addresses, respectively, at the 2012 CSE Annual Meeting in Seattle, May 20-21.

You may know Dr. Ekman for the research behind such TV shows as “Lie to Me.” No stranger to controversial research, his pioneering work in facial microexpressions and deceit has informed national security and law enforcement.

Dr. Hood led the Caltech team that invented the high-speed DNA sequencing machines that paved the way for sequencing the human genome. He has made major contributions to biomedical research, instrumentation, entrepreneurship, and the public understanding of science.

These are talks you won’t want to miss, no matter what your field. Please join us in Seattle for these and other informative sessions around the theme, “Our Authors, Ourselves: Science Editing and Publishing in a Global Market” May 18-20, 2012.

Here’s what’s happening:

Advancing Public Health Globally

In September, CSE President-Elect Ken Heideman and CSE President Diane Sullenberger represented CSE at the Centers for Disease Control “Editorial Summit: Advancing Public Health Globally.” The objectives of the summit were:

  1. To define the complementary and cooperative roles of journal editors, communicators, librarians, and scientists.
  2. To establish a sustainable forum to help opinion leaders (i.e., editors of prominent journals) formulate a framework to address the most pressing issues in our publication field.
  3. To create a joint editorial project that will a) advance the scientific publication field and b) enhance the intersection of public health and biomedical fields on the global stage.
  4. To enhance the relationship between journals and authors (e.g., expand journals’ peer-review databases, increase access to editors), thereby strengthening the scientific quality of articles.

The summit was successful in: 1) determining inconsistencies in editorial practice (such as whether honest error should be treated as a correction or a retraction) and the need for widespread adoption of guidelines, 2) fostering professional development and industry engagement (such as with CSE and other organizations), and 3) highlighting research advances in the publication field.

Get Published in Science Editor

If you missed CSE’s 2011 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, you missed a lot. Get caught up on the highlights in the upcoming Jul-Sept issue of Science Editor.

Itching to write? Science Editor needs you.

Whether it’s a book review, a chance to interview an expert, or just a willingness to report on topics in the scientific, medical, and technical fields, contact Teresa M. Melcher about writing for CSE’s quarterly publication ([email protected]).

The CSE Sponsorship Committee Needs You

What do you look forward to the most about CSE membership? For many, the Annual Meeting and the educational programs that are offered through CSE are the highlights of their membership. These programs would not be possible if weren’t for the funds that our sponsors and exhibitors provide to CSE. The Sponsorship Committee plays the vital role of obtaining this funding for CSE’s educational programs and services. We now ask for your support and assistance. The Sponsorship Committee is seeking members willing to serve on this important committee.

The Committee’s major responsibilities include:

  1. Obtaining sponsorship at various levels for the Annual Meeting and International Journal Editors Scholarships, securing exhibitors and organizing the Annual Meeting exhibits.
  2. Securing grants for publications, educational programs, retreats, workshops, and other special projects as directed by the Board.

If you or someone you know is interested in serving on the Sponsorship Committee, please contact Barbara Campaigne at [email protected] or Milka Kostic at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you. In addition, we welcome suggestions for potential sponsors and exhibitors.

In Memoriam

Margaret E. Broadbent died on March 24 in Centerville, MA, at the age of 94. She was CBE President from 1975-1976 (the first female President) and received an Award for Meritorious Achievement in 1983 at the joint CBE/SSP Meeting in Philadelphia (the only time that CBE and SSP combined their Annual Meetings). She retired from Rockefeller University in 1979. Please look for the full memorial in an upcoming issue of Science Editor.

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Diane Sullenberger 2011Best regards,

Diane Sullenberger, CSE President