September 2012

Dear CSE Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

Things now change so rapidly in the world of STM publishing that it is sometimes difficult to take a step back and realize that some of the best things have not changed at all.  One of those things in particular merits some occasional reflection, and that is the value added to the literature by the editing process that so many of us are involved with.  To many, the editing process can be perceived to be a “black box,” or simply one of many hoops that authors must go through. In some cases, it can even be taken for granted.  The truth is that competent, professional editing is as important – in its own way -as the peer-review process in producing the best possible content.  It may also be argued that editing is even more important now than it was a decade or more ago because the available technology produces, either explicitly or implicitly, increased pressure on authors to publish more papers faster than ever before. Inevitably, prolific publishing can lead to additional errors that can only be discovered and corrected through competent technical and copy editing.  So while it is true that we as editors are but a part of the process that results in the dissemination of important research results, let us not forget that what we do is an essential part of that process.

Here’s what’s happening:

Science Editor Update

Asking for Trouble:   Submit questions/problems to “Solution Corner”!

We are all excited about the relaunch of Science Editor this fall. One of the returning features will be “Solution Corner,” a column that explores problems and challenges that our members deal with in their jobs, be they technical, managerial, or other issues in the STM publishing realm.  This column needs your input! If you submit a question that is general enough to be relevant to many of our members to [email protected], we will run them by two to three professionals in the field; your question and their responses will be printed in Science Editor.  We look forward to your submissions!

Call for Nominations – Survey Closes September 24th

Would you or one of your colleagues like to become a leader in the Council of Science Editors (CSE)? The CSE Nominations Committee is currently seeking your nominations to fill three positions on the Board of Directors: Vice President, Secretary, and one Director.

The CSE Board of Directors is responsible for steering the organization forward in a manner that reflects the interests of the membership. Board members provide leadership, a shared vision, a sense of mission, and are responsible for the fiscal health of CSE.

Please take a few moments and think about whether you or someone you know is ready to become a CSE leader. To submit your own name or that of a colleague, please click here to complete the nomination form. The deadline for nomination submissions is Monday, September 24, 2012.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Diane Sullenberger
Chair, Nominations Committee

CSE Sponsorship Committee Needs Volunteers

The 2013 Annual Meeting might seem like a thing of a distant future, but for Sponsorship Committee now is the time when we spring into action to make sure that the meeting attracts exciting exhibitors and sponsors. But, we need your help in order to break previous year record and attract even more support for the Annual meeting and number of other programs, retreats, workshops, special projects and services that CSE offers to its members year round.

By joining the Sponsorship Committee you can make a difference and be there as CSE continues to grow, give back to its members and the scientific publishing community. E-mail today to Sponsorship Committee Chair, Milka Kostic ([email protected]), who is waiting to hear from you and would love to have you on board.

Know someone who deserves an award?

Each year CSE recognizes important contributors to scientific journalism and to CSE.  Three award categories are described below. The Awards Committee welcomes your suggestions for candidates for these awards. Learn more about the awards and submit your suggestions by clicking here.

CSE Award for Meritorious Achievement: This is CSE’s highest award. The award  honors those who have made significant contributions to CSE’s mission to  improve of scientific communication through the pursuit of high standards in all activities connected with scientific editing. The recipient should be a person or institution that the CSE membership will readily recognize as closely embracing the purposes of CSE and a symbol of what CSE stands for, but need not be a member of CSE.

CSE Distinguished Service Award: This award recognizes excellence in the performance of specific tasks by CSE members. Recipients must be CSE members in good standing who have made outstanding contributions to CSE. Recipients must be present at the annual meeting to receive their certificates.

Certificate of Appreciation: The CSE Certificate of Appreciation is given to 1 or more CSE members who have made a laudable contribution to CSE in recent years.

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KenHeideman2012Best to all,

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Ken Heideman, CSE President