September 2020

Dear CSE Colleagues,

Carissa Gilman, CSE President

Next week (September 21-25) is Peer Review Week, and the theme this year, Trust in Peer Review, could not be more timely in light of the current pandemic. All around us, we see the repercussions of a failure of trust in science, as people chafe against mask mandates and ignore social distancing guidelines. Our most revered scientific agencies have found themselves subject to political interference, further undermining the guidance of our top public health experts. In addition, the deluge of manuscript submissions related to COVID-19 and the emphasis on rapid dissemination of this research, has resulted in a downstream flood of corrections and retractions. This only adds to the glut of misinformation and exacerbates the lay public’s distrust of the peer review process and misapprehension of the iterative nature of scientific discovery.

Peer review is, of course, one way that we strive to ensure the rigor and assess the quality of published scientific research. Reviewers dedicate their time, energy, and expertise to maintaining the integrity of science. CSE’s 2-session webinar event for Peer Review Week on Monday, September 21 will focus on how publishers recognize, thank, and reward those who do this work. As we all know, the task of peer review is most often a volunteer endeavor. As workloads and submission volumes have increased, identifying and securing qualified peer reviewers has become even more of a challenge. Thus, identifying ways to recognize and reward the contributions of these reviewers has become even more critical.

Like the peer review process, the work of CSE hinges on its dedicated volunteers, and our most recent Happy Hour focused on the many benefits that can be gained from volunteering with a professional society. We have many opportunities for those who are eager to get involved but are perhaps not sure how to dive in, and I’d like to spotlight just a couple of those.

This month, the CSE Membership Committee has been working on the annual 2021 CSE scholarship application program and upcoming membership promotions. The committee is looking for volunteers to help with these initiatives, so please reach out to the committee Chair Julie Hinds with any interest.

The CSE Sponsorship Committee is responsible for the development, implementation, and coordination of securing sponsorships from our corporate and society partners. The sponsorship proceeds our committee collects help support CSE’s many activities and programs, including webinars, the scholarship program, Short Courses, and the Annual Meeting. Reach out to the committee Co-Chairs Maisha Miles or Arlene Furman with your questions, ideas, and interest in participation.

One of our most esteemed volunteers at CSE has long been Patty Baskin, so with the official launch of C4DISC this week, I would like to extend special thanks to her for serving as our representative to C4DISC and ensuring that we are able to be part of such an important endeavor. CSE is proud to be a founding member, and I hope you will take a few minutes to read more about the work that has been done so far and how you can become more involved, such as (you guessed it) volunteering on a working group.

As the school year starts, I know many of our members are having to find new ways to be productive while juggling multiple priorities and wearing a number of different hats. I remain in awe of those who continue to dedicate their time to our organization despite so many competing commitments. To me, this is a testament to the value of our group and what this community has come to mean to so many of us. Until next time, with best wishes.

Apply for the CSE Mentorship Program

The mission of the Council of Science Editors is to serve editorial professionals in the sciences by providing a network for career development, education, and resources for best practices.

As career development is critical for members – at every stage – the Publication Certificate Program, Scholarship Program, Short Courses, and Annual Meeting are important cornerstones of this effort. But did you know that CSE has a Mentorship Program as well?

This membership benefit is now in its third year. For early career or transitioning professionals seeking guidance from a CSE veteran, the program offers the opportunity to gain insights into the dynamic scholarly publishing field by being paired with more established experts in similar or desired roles. For mentors, the program is an opportunity to share what they’ve learned with mentees and contribute to both the organization and the profession. Although the formal mentor-mentee relationship is designed to last one year, from annual meeting to annual meeting, the program is currently considering additional applicants (both mentees and mentors) for 2020-2021.

If you would like to participate in this program, please click here to learn more and apply. If you have questions, please contact us at

We hope to hear from you!

The CSE Mentorship Program

You still have time to RSVP!

Peer Review Week Webinar:
How Publishers Reward Reviewers
Monday, September 21, 2020
11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. ET

The focus of this two-session event is peer reviewers and how publishers recognize, thank, and reward those who review manuscripts for their journals. The first session looks at various publishers’ reviewer recognition programs, and the second keys in on how publishers have implemented depositing reviewer credit to ORCID and Publons.

Registration includes access to both sessions. There will be a short break in between each session.

Fall Virtual Symposium Registration Opening Soon!
October 19-20, 2020

This two-day event will feature a general session, which no scholarly publishing professional will want to miss, followed by one round of three concurrent sessions each day. There will also be interactive engagement opportunities for registrants.

In conjunction with the Fall Virtual Symposium, the Short Course on Manuscript Editors and the Short Course on Publication Management will be presented pre- and post-event!

Your registration will also include access to on-demand recorded content for all eight sessions following the conclusion of the event!

Learn More

Welcome to the Newest Members of CSE!

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CSE Members Celebrating Anniversaries!

Each month, CSE will recognize its members celebrating a milestone anniversary. We are grateful for your continued involvement in our Council!

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