Science Editor Call for Editor-in-Chief

The Council of Science Editors (CSE) is now accepting applications for Science Editor Editor-in-Chief.

Science Editor is published in print and online by the CSE, and also publishes weekly Early Online articles. It serves as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among professionals concerned with editing and publishing in the sciences. The journal seeks to publish articles related to peer review studies, editorial processes, publication ethics, evaluating article impact, and other items of special interest to the journal’s readers.

For many CSE members, Science Editor is their main connection with the organization, and in member surveys, it consistently ranks among the top member benefits. The ideal candidate will be someone who can energize the Editorial Board and their own network within scholarly publishing to secure a pipeline of content that will allow the journal to return to its quarterly publication schedule.

The Editor-in-Chief will be responsible for the quality, novelty, timeliness, and relevance of the content published in the journal. The Editor-in-Chief will also be responsible for the implementation of new initiatives based on their vision for the journal, and for the implementation of editorial policies and decisions that affect the journal’s reputation. Specific responsibilities are outlined in the job description.

The position includes remuneration, and the work of the Editor-in-Chief is supported by a Managing Editor.

Interested individuals may apply for this position by submitting a resume or curriculum vitae as well as a letter that describes their vision and proposed plans for the journal.

Please cover the following specific points:

  • Overall scope and goals of Science Editor. What would be your mission statement for the journal? How do you envision the function of the journal within CSE and the broader publishing community?
  • Current strengths of Science Editor. What do you consider to be the journal’s strengths, as well as areas of opportunity? Describe your ideas, taking into account the points below as well as the goal to increase attention on editorial research.
  • Key opportunities for the journal over the next 5 years, as well as challenges and threats. How would you manage the latter?
  • How would you ensure a steady work flow of timely, novel content to meet our quarterly publication schedule?
  • The relationship between Science Editor and CSE. Could it be strengthened? How would Science Editor be integrated with CSE’s overall goals?
  • The publications that you believe are the strongest competitors to Science Editor – what can be learned from them? What do you see as their major strengths and weaknesses?
  • Areas or disciplines in which you believe the journal should be more fully engaged, including plans for recruiting the international outreach of the journal.
  • The mix of article types in the publication (research, news about the organization, news about member, summaries of meeting presentations, regular features/columns). Would you add others, or drop any of the existing features?
  • Novel editorial, administrative, or operating procedures that could improve journal operations and control costs.
  • Opportunities for use of the Web, whether in access, international reach, additional types of content (e.g., podcasts, videos, blogs).
  • What would be your plans for selection of the editorial board? CSE requests that a Deputy Editor also be named by the Editor. Include in your answer how you would ensure that a wide range of disciplines are represented, your potential Deputy Editor, specific person you would invite to serve, and your thoughts about the processes and means by which you would work together.
Application deadline: Monday, April 16, 2018.
Please submit your application materials by e-mail to