CSE Publication Certificate Program Application

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    1. Please provide a brief description of the publishing program you are affiliated with (field topic, number of journals, other publication, member society or not, etc.). If you are not part of a formal publishing program, please state that and describe the range of clients you work for or projects you typically work on.*

    2. Please provide a brief description of your role in this organization and how long you have been in this role.*

    3. Please provide a brief description of your experience and/or exposure (with any employer) in the following areas. If for any the answer is none, just state that.

    a. Editorial Acquisition and Peer Review*

    b. Handling Ethical Issues*

    c. Copyediting and/or Proofreading*

    d. General Production (Composition, Tagging, etc.)*

    e. Print and Online Distribution*

    f. Marketing*

    g. New Product Development*

    h. Publishing Technology Development or Implementation (content websites, database management, taxonomy development, semantic web applications, etc.)*

    i. Graphics*

    j. Writing/editing Assistance*

    4. In 250 words or fewer, describe your career goals and how you think the Council of Science Editors and specifically this certificate program will help you achieve these goals.*

    5. Would you like to request a mentor as part of your Certificate Program?*

    If you would like a mentor, please answer the following:

    a. What are the the benefits you hope to gain by participating in the Mentorship Program?

    b. What areas would you like to focus on through the course of the mentorship program? Please describe aspects of your job where you feel a mentor might be able to offer guidance or any knowledge or skills that you would like to gain.

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