CSE Mentor Interest Form

    We welcome all experienced scientific communications professionals as mentors, even those who think they may not have much to contribute to an early-career editor. As someone who has been in the field over time, you certainly do have something to offer! Please tell us about yourself.

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    Mentor–mentee pairs (also known as dyads) are matched throughout the year. When we receive the application of a mentee whose goals align with your expertise, we’ll share information about the mentee with you. If you agree to proceed, we’ll put the two of you in touch and provide suggestions to help guide your interactions.

    We ask you to commit approximately 1 hour per month for 1 year to the program. This can be in the form of a Zoom meeting, phone call, or email correspondence, and you and your mentee can decide on the appropriate frequency and method of conversations. After that year, you’re free to continue the relationship if both parties agree.

    If you know of colleagues who would be interested in serving as mentors, do share this link with them. We receive mentee applications throughout the year and are therefore always looking for available mentors.

    Please contact the Mentorship Committee Co-chairs with any questions:

    Patty Baskin (pbaskin@aan.com)
    Leslie Neistadt (neistadt@slu.edu)

    Thank you for volunteering!