Proposal Submission FAQs

Why transition to submitting proposals?‎
The CSE Program Committee has routinely and repeatedly organized fantastic sessions ‎for the Annual Meeting each year. While the topics they organize do sometimes come ‎directly from evaluation feedback, sessions are mostly created through conversations on ‎the committee. To ensure every member has the opportunity to weigh in on content and ‎expose new or undiscovered trends, we seek to expand our content pool and involve you.‎

How do I submit a proposal?
Click here for instructions on submitting a proposal, and submit through the Cadmium abstract/proposal system here. View an example proposal here.

Do I need to have a fully fleshed out session to submit a proposal?‎
No, you do not need to have a fleshed-out session to submit. All that’s required is a working title, a ‎general description, and ideas on who you’d like to have speak in the session.

If I submit a proposal, do I need to speak or present?‎
No, you do not have to speak or present if you submit a proposal and it’s accepted. As ‎the proposal submitter, you become the Session Sponsor. This means that, if accepted, ‎you will be connected with a CSE Program Committee member to help develop the ‎session with you. Working with the committee member, you will find speakers, a ‎session moderator (if not you), and work to finalize the session details.

Once I submit my proposal, what happens next?‎
If you submit your proposal by the November 4 deadline, your idea will then be ‎reviewed by the CSE Program Committee. The Program Committee Co-Chairs, Amanda Ferguson and Jennifer Workman, along with the Program Committee, are in the process of ‎finalizing the review and acceptance criteria. The specifics will be shared publicly once ‎finalized, but proposals will generally be judged on their applicability to a broad ‎audience and diversity in topic and speaker. If your idea meets the criteria and is ‎accepted, you will be considered for the event(s)/delivery method(s) you indicated in ‎your submission. If not accepted for your preferred delivery method, you will be ‎approached with other options.

When will I hear back from CSE on my proposal’s acceptance?‎
Please expect to hear back on a decision for your proposal by early December. If the ‎Program Committee is still reviewing and deciding, you will be alerted and given an ‎update on when to expect a decision.‎