2011 Webinar 1: Journal Apps: To Do or Not

Held: March 22, 2011, 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM Eastern Time

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Feel like everyone is talking about apps these days? Want to get your journals in on the action? Join us for a discussion with publishers who have made the leap. Find out what decisions need to be made, who your target audience will likely be, how to best present your content in a mobile app environment, and whether it is worth the time and expense. Three publishers will demo their apps and share how they went about deciding what to include in a mobile application.


  1. Exploring the basics of mobile applications for journals content
  2. Discuss the different objectives for providing mobile applications for content
  3. Discuss the mobile app platforms and what advantages and disadvantages exist
  4. Review three case studies and learn what factored into the decisions on what to include in the apps presented

Target Audience:

Publishers, Technology Directors, IT, Managing Editors, Web Content Developers, Production


Angela Cochran, Director, Publications Production, American Society of Civil Engineers


Euan Adie
Senior Product Manager, Nature Publishing Group

Michael Hepp
Senior Technology Strategist, Dartmouth Journal Services

Abroo Shah
Director, Applications Development, American Psychological Association