2015 Webinar 2: How Do You Figure? Best Practices for Figure Resolution, Formatting, & Workflows

Held: June 30, 2015, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Eastern Time

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The figures journals receive from authors are rarely publication-ready, even when there are figure-specific guidelines on the journal’s website. What are the pain points for authors in creating their figures? What aspects of the guidelines do they misinterpret or misunderstand, and what can journals do to better communicate their requirements and preferences to authors? Michele Avissar-Whiting from Research Square has extensive experience working with authors pre-submission and will offer best practices for figure resolution, formatting, and other tips and tricks for optimum outcome. Michael Casp from J&J Editorial manages production workflows for small, medium, and large journals and will present on how to handle typical problems seen in the editorial and production office. Together, they would like to increase communication between authors, editorial offices, and production teams. They will offer editorial and production-based suggestions that can be used to optimize submission guidelines. Join us for an informative session on best practices, common issues, and solutions!


  • Elaborate on the most common points of confusion or frustration for authors in creating figures.
  • Propose suggestions for improving guidelines.
  • Propose suggestions for screening/improving chances of receiving appropriate formats.
  • Gain an understanding of different workflows for handling figures through the peer review process.


Jennifer Deyton, Senior Partner, J&J Editorial


Michele Avissar-Whiting, Operations Manager – Figures and Formatting, Research Square
Michele Avissar-Whiting attained her PhD in Medical Science from Brown University in 2009, studying molecular markers of head and neck cancer. She continued there as a postdoctoral associate studying molecular markers of arsenic exposure in neonates. In 2011, Michele joined Research Square as a Managing Editor and later helped establish and grow the burgeoning Figures department. Today, Michele manages operations for both the Figures and Manuscript Formatting departments at the company.

Michael Casp, Production Services Coordinator, J&J Editorial
In his previous life as a neuroscience researcher, Michael Casp realized he was far more interested in editing articles than devising the experiments to create said articles. Michael started his career in publishing at J&J Editorial, where he worked on production and peer review tasks for the Public Library of Science (PLOS). He is now J&J Editorial’s Production Services Coordinator, responsible managing a team of production editors to provide production services and consultation to J&J’s clients. Michael continues to work with PLOS to develop workflow improvements and best practices to suit their unique production needs.