2020 Webinar 4: Understanding Open Access, Plan S, and Other Global Initiatives

Held: November 12, 2020 from 10:00 A.M – 11:00 A.M. (EST)

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In this CSE webinar, we continue the discussion started in the CSE Annual Meeting held virtually in the Spring of this year. We will hear from three distinguished speakers around the globe, each bringing different perspectives to the discussions surrounding Open Access, Plan S, and other global initiatives in the Current Publishing Ecosystem. First, we will hear from Kaia Motter of Wiley, who will present an overview of what is happening on the commercial/business side of OA, Plan S adjustments, transformative agreements, conversions/flips, funder mandates, and other relevant areas. We will then hear from Rick Lee of World Scientific Publishing, who will provide an overview of what is happening in China, now the world’s largest producer of scientific research, and discuss how China approaches academic publishing, both in general and specific to open access. Last, but not least, we will hear from Glenn Hampson of Open Scientific Initiative. Glenn will present a big picture view of all of this activity and diversity, and examine questions about the meaning for these changes to become more open in publishing. Why are these changes being made? Do researchers have to say? What common ground exists for creating global open policies that are workable and sustainable for everyone everywhere?


Jennifer Deyton, J&J Editorial


Kaia Motter, Publisher, Open Research, Wiley

Chi Wai (Rick) Lee, PhD, General Manager, World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

Glenn Hampson, Executive Director/Program Director, Open Scholarship Initiative (OSI)