2022 Webinar 1: FORCE11 Software Citation Guidance

Thanks to the generous sponsorship support from the American Geophysical Union, this webinar is free to all CSE members!

Citing software is developing as a common practice. Journals and editors need consistent guidance to provide authors. The FORCE11 Software Citation Implementation Working Group co-chairs will discuss the types of software citation, challenges, and recommended approaches. Panelists will also share their own experiences around software citation followed by a discussion.


  • Learn about the work of the FORCE11 Working Group to develop best practices for authors and journals for software citation.
  • Learn about publisher and journal guidance for authors, reviewers, and editors.
  • Understand how publishers and journals can support software citation, at submission, reviewing, processing, and publication.

Daniel S. Katz, Chief Scientist, NCSA; Associate Research Professor, CS, ECE, iSchool, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Neil P. Chue Hong, Director, Software Sustainability Institute, University of Edinburgh

Shelley Stall, Senior Director, Data Leadership, American Geophysical Union

Melissa Harrison, Group Team Leader, Literature Services, EMBL-EBI
August (Gus) Muench, Data Editor, Journals of the American Astronomical Society, American Astronomical Society
Jake Yeston, Editor, Science/AAAS


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