Webinar: Preprints 101

This webinar provides an overview of preprints and preprint servers in conjunction with the concurrent session on preprints and preprint servers at the upcoming CSE annual conference.

A preprint is a scientific manuscript posted under author control whereas a journal article is a scientific manuscript published under journal control.  Journal publications are usually peer reviewed; preprint posts are not. Preprints allow members of the scientific community around the world to freely share scientific information (and comments). Preprints began in the health sciences around 1961 when the National Institutes of Health (NIH) began to share information through the Information Exchange Groups (IEG).  Preprints have increased dramatically, particularly during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

While some preprint hosting services perform an initial screen, posting to publicly accessible preprint servers usually occurs quickly.  Most preprint servers allow authors to post updated versions of manuscripts and if applicable, provide links to subsequent journal publication.


Clare Stone, PhD, Content Editor, SSRN, Elsevier
Clare is the content editor at SSRN. She previously worked at BMJ Open, PLoS, Genome Biology, The Company of Biologists, and Nature Research. She recently co-authored a post on preprints at the Open Science Foundation – OSF (https://osf.io/8zj9w).

Moderated by David Riley, Editor, The Permanente Journal

Date: Thursday, April 28
Please note, this webinar will NOT be live. It will be recorded and distributed to registrants.
Location: Zoom
Price: $50 for members, $75 for non-members