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This compilation of guidance documents and other materials provides information related to ‎furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in scholarly publishing. All resources in this ‎collection have been developed by respected authorities and professional groups and are linked ‎here in one location as an aid for editors and others involved in scientific publication. However, ‎the content listed on this page is by no means a comprehensive list of resources on this ‎important issue nor does inclusion on this page imply endorsement by the Council of Science ‎Editors. ‎

Has your journal or organization issued a statement about policies and practices related to diversity, ‎equity, and inclusion? Have you updated your guide for authors, examined your peer review processes for ‎potential bias, or launched a new initiative to mentor members of underserved communities?

CSE is collecting this information and making it available as a service to our members and the scholarly ‎publishing community. The information collected below will be used to tag content to help users find the ‎information most relevant to them.

DEI Resources Submission Form

Disclaimer: CSE does not endorse or claim responsibility for any materials provided. Materials are to be used as guidance or a starting point for organizations needing support. By submitting your organization’s DEI materials, you hereby agree that these are approved documents and can freely be accessed by other journals/organizations. You and/or your organization shall be responsible for the content and shall indemnify, defend, and hold CSE, its officers, directors, members, and agents harmless from any and all liability which result, directly or indirectly, from these materials.

Title Journal/Organization Tags
C4Disc ‎Joint ‎Statement of ‎Principles C4Disc
‎“The ‎Groundwater of ‎Racial ‎and ‎Ethnic ‎Disparities ‎Research‎”‎ American Heart Association
‎“New at ‎Cell ‎Press: ‎the ‎Diversity ‎and ‎Inclusion ‎Statement”‎ Cell Press
‎“Efforts ‎by the ‎journal to ‎promote ‎perspectives of ‎equity, ‎diversity, ‎and ‎inclusion ‎and ‎address ‎disparities”‎ Neurology
Our ‎Vision: An ‎Antiracist ‎Journal Journal ‎of the ‎American ‎Academy ‎of Child ‎and ‎Adolescent ‎Psychiatry
  • Vision Statement
  • Editor/Editorial ‎board ‎selection/composition
  • New ‎editor/editorial ‎board roles ‎specific to DEI
  • Peer review ‎process
  • Editorial ‎policy/study ‎methodology/reporting ‎guidelines
  • Call for ‎papers‎
Sex and Gender Equity in Research: rationale for the SAGER guidelines and recommended use EASE
  • Editorial ‎policy/study ‎methodology/reporting ‎guidelines
  • Issues pertaining to the specific scientific/medical field served by the organization/publication (e.g., health ‎equity)‎
  • Continuing education/DEI training for editorial team members and/or staff
  • Reviewing published papers for appropriate reporting
Taking an antiracist posture in scientific publications in human genetics and genomics American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics
  • Editorial ‎policy/study ‎methodology/reporting ‎guidelines
  • Issues pertaining to the specific scientific/medical field served by the organization/publication (e.g., health ‎equity)‎
  • Reviewing published papers for appropriate reporting
The language of race and ethnicity in academic medical publishing Journal of Osteopathic Medicine / American Osteopathic Association
  • Editorial ‎policy/study ‎methodology/reporting ‎guidelines
  • Guide for Authors/Instructions for Authors