Authorship Dispute

Dear [AUTHOR 1]:

[AUTHOR 2] has contacted the editorial office with concerns about the authorship of the manuscript. [AUTHOR 2] has informed us of the dispute between you regarding the authorship of the manuscript (see enclosed correspondence). It is our practice to encourage authors to resolve such disputes among themselves, and we hope that you and [AUTHOR 2] are able to do that.

Pending resolution of this matter, we are suspending consideration of your paper. If you are unable to resolve the authorship dispute, we will withdraw the manuscript from further consideration.

Please note that all authors must sign the required publication forms and any changes in authorship must be communicated to the editorial office in a letter signed by all authors.

If we are to reinstate consideration of your paper, we require an acceptable response that is agreed on by all authors by [DATE]. If the matter cannot be resolved satisfactorily, it could lead to our contacting officials at your institution. Therefore, we recommend you give this matter your close and immediate attention.