Request for Funding Agency Investigation


Concern has been raised about the research reported in the article listed above, for which your agency provided support.

[Describe the substance of the complaint  or attach a copy of the communication that raised the concern.]

I have separately written to the author in question and the author’s institution and have asked for a timely and substantive response to the allegations.

To date no such response has been forthcoming.
I have received a response from the author and/or institution that is not satisfactory. [Describe the substance of the response or attach a copy.]

As your agency has had significant involvement with the research, I believe it would be appropriate if your agency would initiate the appropriate investigation and keep me informed about your progress. The journal may revise the publication record on the basis of of your investigation and my editorial judgment.


Copy: [author] [institution]


[Adapted with permission from Elsevier]