Request for Investigation by Reviewer’s Institution


Concern has been raised about publication of the article listed above, which was peer-reviewed by an employee at your institution, [reviewer name]. As I am sure you are aware, the [scientific/medical] community depends on objective review and the principled conduct of reviewers.

If true, the complaint [provide description] would violate our publishing policies.
I have attached a copy of the communication that raises the noted concern.

I have separately written to [reviewer name] and have asked for a timely and substantive response to the allegations.

To date no such response has been forthcoming.
I have received a response from the reviewer that is not satisfactory. [Describe the substance of the response or attach a copy.]

As the allegations are matters that significantly concern your institution, I am asking your institution to initiate the appropriate investigation and to keep me informed about your progress.


Copy: [reviewer]