Request for Original Data


Our production editors have noted an inconsistency in the background of several of the figures. The areas of concern are [Specify figure(s), panel(s), and problem(s). Examples may include absence of data in the background indicating digital enhancement of a gel image, altered contrast levels of blots, or blots that appear pixelated. In some instances, the quality of capture device will trigger these sorts of anomalies.]

[Refer to relevant journal policy, e.g., any specific figure manipulation policies.]

When inconsistencies are found in a figure, we ask authors to provide the original data. Please send the original [FILMS/FILES] that were used to make the figures in question to the address listed below. Please indicate on the data files which regions were used in the figures. We will return the files after we have looked at them. If an image became a digital file via a scanning process, please send the original file saved from that scan. Please indicate which regions were used in the figure panels and, if applicable, the type of capture device.

At this point, our concerns are about the presentation of the data, not their integrity. Often such inconsistencies arise during the transfer of data between computer applications. We want to ensure that your data are presented accurately.

We must suspend production of your manuscript until this issue is resolved. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We would appreciate a reply by [DATE].


(Note: References to Rossner et al. might also be appropriate for this correspondence: