Mentorship Program

The mission of CSE is to serve editorial professionals in the sciences by providing a network for career development, education, and resources for best practices. Informal networking and professional relationship-building, occurring at the annual meeting and throughout the year, has long been an important part of the CSE experience. For individuals seeking a more structured approach to career development, the Mentorship Program offers the opportunity to hone the craft of science editing in a one-on-one working relationship with a veteran member of CSE.

Mentees have a variety of needs, from learning the nuts-and-bolts types of skills required to be successful as an editor, to other less tangible skills such as handling interpersonal workplace dynamics, working effectively with superiors and colleagues, practicing good self-advocacy, and being a good listener.  Mentors can also provide guidance on finding resources, how to stay abreast of emerging technology, handling author misconduct, and the many other challenges that editors encounter in the course of their work. The opportunity for managing editors, production editors, new editors-in-chief, and others, to learn from fellow organization members with a lifetime of knowledge and experience to share, is integral to the mission and spirit of CSE.

Commitment and Activities

The length of a mentorship runs for one year, spanning from one CSE Annual Meeting to the following.  Activities include:

  • Monthly phone calls (or as agreed upon)
  • Personal meetings (during the Annual Meeting and or locally in a common geographic area when practical)
  • Group activities (mentor/mentee training programs)
  • Webinars during the year to present topics of interest suggested by mentors or mentees

Participating in the Program

If you are interested in requesting a mentor, please apply here. Applicants must be members of CSE.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact the CSE office.

Mentorship Committee

The CSE Mentorship Committee provides oversight and planning for the program. It defines the framework of the program, develops and maintains a list of interested mentors and mentees, screens applications and pairs mentees with mentors, provides mentor training, and evaluates the effectiveness of program.

If you are interested in serving on the Mentorship Committee, please contact the CSE office.