Certificates of Appreciation 


Otito Iwuchukwu & Sumi Sexton
This certificate is in recognition of Otito and Sumi’s service to CSE and their continued efforts to keep DEIA at the forefront of CSE’s work as co-chairs of the CSE DEIA Committee.

Erin Landis & Natalia Olson
This certificate recognizes Erin and Natalia’s service to CSE and their work developing CSE’s Partnership Prospectus to enhance revenue opportunities as co-chairs of the CSE Sponsorship Committee.

Andrea Rahkola
This certificate is in recognition of Andrea’s service to CSE, especially on the CSE Website Task Force, leading intensive efforts over a brief period to enhance CSE’s web presence.


Jonathan Schultz, Science Editor, Editor-in-Chief
This is to recognize his work on Science Editor.

Kim Stuart, Marketing Committee Chair
This is to recognize her work as the head of our marketing committee’s social media efforts.

Kristin Inman
This is in recognition of her service to CSE as a board member of Science Editor by envisioning a 4‐part article series that highlights opportunities for early career researchers to learn more about scientific publishing processes and careers.


Patty Baskin and Leslie Niestadt, Mentorship Committee Co-chairs
This is to recognize them for launching and leading the CSE mentorship program, which as codified CSE’s long history of informal networking and peer-to-peer learning.


Mary Beth Schaeffer
This is to recognize her posthumously for her contributions and leadership to CSE.

Pamela Miller
This is to recognize her posthumously for her contributions and mentorship to CSE.


Jennifer Mahar
This is to recognize her contributions to CSE’s Editorial Policy Committee, specifically her many years of service to CSE in tirelessly coordinating CSE’s annual Ethics Clinic at the CSE Annual Meeting.

Sonja Krane
This is to recognize her efforts leading the Sponsorship Committee in identifying new sponsorship and funding opportunities for the annual meeting, increasing the number of sponsors and donors, and offering new branding opportunities to CSE’s corporate partners and society sponsors.

Brittany Swett
This is to recognize her for her vision and her commitment as chairperson of the subcommittee driving CSE’s Short Courses on the Road program.


Michael Friedman
For his leadership and continued service to CSE, including short course involvement, committee work, and board service.

Emma Shumeyko
For her leadership in chairing and maintaining the CSE Certificate Program.


Task Committee on the Science Editor Website and Redesign (Tony Alves, Patty Baskin, Lindsey Buscher, Tracey DePellegrin, Amanda Ferguson, Jonathan Schultz)

This recognizes their efforts in coordinating the rebirth of Science Editor online and in print.


Stacy Christiansen
This recognizes her work with the Short Course for Manuscript Editors.

Nancy Devaux
This recognizes her leadership with the Short Course program.

Amy McPherson
This recognizes her work with the Short Course for Publication Management.


Mariah Hanley
Milka Kostic
Sacha Noukhovitch
Erin Russell
Brittany White (Swett)
Rhea William

This recognizes their participation on the CSE Student and Young Member Engagement Task Force leadership and dedication to learn and recommend ways for CSE to better engage student and younger members.


 Jonathan Schultz
This recognizes hiswork on the Science Editor Editor-in-Chief Search Committee, as well as the search for the Managing Editor.


Tony Alves
This recognizes his work on the Marketing Task Force and the logo redesign.

Carissa Gilman
This recognizes her work as chair of the Education Committee.

Jo Ann Eliason, Devora Krischer, and Mary Warner
This recognizes their invaluable contributions to the SSF8 update.

2013  Angela Cochran

Angela Cochran
This recognizes her efforts in launching the new certificate program in scholarly publishing management.

Patty Baskin
This recognizes her efforts in launching the new certificate program in scholarly publishing management.

Jennifer Fleet
This recognizes her instrumental role in establishing the CSE webinar program.


Pamella Erickson
This recognizes her involvement in the Education, Editorial Policy, and Program Committees.


Patty Baskin
This recognizes her work on the Program Committee, including serving as its chair for the CSE’s 50th anniversary year, and on the Education Committee.

Robert E (Bob) Johnson
This recognizes his contributions to scholarly publishing, through his column, The Word Hawk, which appears in Science Editor.

John Wachter
This recognizes his volunteer photographic work at CSE annual meetings.


Polyxeni (Poly) M. Potter
This recognizes her work as member of the editorial boards of Science Editor and its forerunner, CBE Views, and serving as covers editor.

Heather Goodell
This recognizes her work for expanding the work of the Ethics and Policy Committee, fielding queries from abroad, and promoting CSE as the ‘go-to’ organization for information on ethical issues in scientific publication.


Rebecca Benner
This recognizes her leadership of the Education Committee, especially with regard to the international scholarship program.

Dana St. John PletteThis recognizes her work on the seventh edition of Scientific Style and Format and as chair of the Publications Committee.

Special Recognition - Kathy Hoskins
This recognizes her many contributions as executive director of the Council since 1998.


Norman Grossblatt|
This recognizes his extensive service as manuscript editor of Science Editor and its forerunner, CBE Views.

Stephen Prudhomme
This recognizes his service as treasurer-elect and then treasurer.


Joy Moore
This recognizes her service as chair of the 2005 Program Committee and planning the annual meeting.

Roxanne K. Young
This recognizes her contributions to Science Editor, for which she provides quality control, and the CSE membership directory, which she edited.


Monica Bradford
This recognizes her service on the Board of Directors and for completing an open term of treasurer elect.

Lynn Dirk
This recognizes her efforts in creating and writing the Views Afield column in Science Editor.

Ann Morcos
This recognizes her for organizing and supervising the reporting on annual-meeting sessions as annual-meeting editor of Science Editor.


Jessica Ancker
This recognizes her work on the Program and Education Committees.

Blaire V. Mossman
This recognizes Baire’s contributions to CSE, as President, and in other aspects of governance.

Cheryl A. Smart
This recognizes her work on publications.

Nancy D. Taylor
This recognizes her work on the Program and Education Committees

2000 Susan Eastwood
This recognizes her coordination of the Scope and Mandate Task Force, her leadership in developing the Council’s educational programs, and her contributions as 1996-1997 president of the Council.

Norman Grossblatt
This recognizes his meticulous efforts in improving language and its interpretation in science.

Cheryl Iverson
This recognizes her contribution to the development of the highly successful Short Course for Journal Editors, which has become the prototype for the new short courses.

Della Mundy
This recognizes her commitment to peer-review concerns (including her excellent discussion column in CBE Views) and the development and management of medical editing in a research-institute setting.

Tad Parker
This recognizes his tireless contributions to the effective production and management of CBE publication projects, including Illustrating Science and Scientific Style and Format.